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Kimq Jennet

Public Relations

Lt Col Walter "Rock" McMillan

Director, SpaceWERX

Jason Tofsky

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Roger Teague, Maj. General, USAF (Ret.)

President, Earth Observation Solutions, Terran Orbital

Marc Bell

Chief Executive Officer, Terran Orbital

Heather J. Richman

EIR / Founder, BMNT / Defense Investor Network

Jennifer L. Ross

Head of Partnerships, ABL Space Systems

Tim Trimailo

Materiel Leader, Blackjack/CASINO, SSC/DCIR

Dr. Debra L. Emmons

Vice President, Special Studies, The Aerospace Corporation

Jordan Noone

Co-Founder, Embedded Ventures

Chris O'Connor

Partner and COO, Harpoon Ventures

Ricardo Sanfelice

Professor, University of California

Steve Isakowitz

CEO, The Aerospace Corporation

Sam Riehn

CEO, SBIR Advisors Inc.

Pete Muend

Director, NRO Commercial Systems Program Office

Moriba Jah

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics, UT Austin

Jonathan Black

Professor, Virginia Tech

Kathleen C Howell

Hsu Lo Distinguished Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University

Kelyn Brannon

CFO, Astra

Callie Lissinna

Co-founder & COO, Wyvern

Richard Cooke

Director Business Development, Cross Sectors & Public Sector, Esri

Lisa Callahan

VP &GM, Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space

Kathy Lueders

Associate Administrator, Space Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Manber

Voyager Space, President, International & Space Stations

Beau Jarvis

CEO, Phase Four

Chris Boshuizen

Operating Partner, Data Collective (DCVC)

Tess Hatch

Vice President, Bessemer Venture Partners

Takahiro Nakamura

Director & COO, ispace

Shaun Maguire

Partner, Sequoia

Sean Mahoney

CEO, Masten Space Systems

Peter Beck

Founder & CEO, Rocket Lab

Nobu Okada

Founder & CEO, Astroscale

Natalya Bailey

Co-founder & CTO, Accion Systems

Max Haot

Founder & CEO, Launcher

Lucy Condakchian

General Manager, Robotics, Maxar Technologies

Lisa Rich

Founder & COO, Xplore

Lauren Lyons

COO, Firefly Aerospace

Jonathan Fentzke

Managing Director, Techstars

Jessica Robinson

Co-founder & Partner, Assembly Ventures

James Slifierz

Co-founder & CEO, SkyWatch

István Lőrincz

Co-founder & President, Morpheus Space

Dan Ceperley

Co-founder & CEO, LeoLabs

Chad Anderson

Managing Partner, Space Capital

Benjamin Lyon

Chief Engineer & EVP Engineering, Astra

Ariane Cornell

Director, Astronaut & Orbital Sales, Blue Origin

Andrew Rush

President & COO, Redwire

Adam Spice

CFO Rocket Lab

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3D Planeta

Digital Twins of anywhere on earth, on-demand, in full 3D.

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Infrastructures for a new era

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SpaceRyde uses balloons to launch small satellites to space, faster and cheaper than anyone else.