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Helen Lyons

CEO and Co-Founder of Puremedic Health

Matthew Galetto

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at MediRecords

Paul Bottomley

Managing Director at OneMD

Hannah Gandevia

CEO & Founder at Maeve

Dr Rebecca Saunderson

CEO of Consentic & Dermatologist

Mike Connell

Senior Commercial Leader at ResApp

Sanji Kanagalingam

CEO of WeGuide

Charlotte Bradshaw

CEO & Founder Evrima Technologies

Nic Blair

Founder & Managing Director of Midnight Health

Klaus Bartosch

Managing Director/CEO & Co-Founder of 1st Group

Landell Archer

Co-Founder & CEO of Elypsys

Megan Capriccio

CEO of FemTech Collective

Etta Watts-Russell

Founder of Lactamo

Deana Scott

CEO of VMore

John Perkins

Founder & CEO of Checked In Care

Gillian Mason

Committee Member at Australian Department of Health

Dr Amandeep Hansra

General Practitioner

Danielle Bancroft

Chief Product Officer at Best Practice Software

Dr Louise Schaper

CEO of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health

Tam Nguyen

Deputy Director of Research at St Vincents Hospital Melbourne

Niru Rajakumar

VP Customer Success - APAC at Orion Health

Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry

CEO at Max Kelsen

Katja Beitat

Founder and CEO at Digital Health Consulting Australasia

Helen Souris

CEO of Cardihab - Digital Health

Russel Duncan

CTO at Telstra Health

Laura Simmons

Founder & CEO of Theretrak

Sarah Hughes

Head Of Service Delivery at Olinqua

Simon Terry

Chief Growth Officer of Lantern Pay

Dr Trish Kahawita

General Practitioner

Luke Fletcher

Co-founder and CEO of Foxo

Brian Mitchell

Division Leader, ANZ Region - Health Information Systems at 3M

Richard Taggart

CIO for Sydney LHD

Malcolm Pradhan

CMO, Alcidion Corporation

Wendy Chapman

Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health, University of Melbourne

Andrew Aho

Regional Director, Data Platforms at InterSystems

Peter Birch

Founder & CEO of Talking Healthtech

Dr Silvia Pfeiffer

CEO at Coviu Video Consultations

Maria Pelipas

Head of programs at MedTech Actuator

Ian Burgess

CEO at Medical Technology Association of Australia

Berne Gibbons

Head of Business Innovation and Partnerships at InfoMedix

Dr Paresh Dawda

General Practitioner and Director and Principal Prestantia Health and Next Practice Canberra

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