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Frances Edmonds

Head of Sustainable Impact at HP

The Sustainable Engineers Association is excited to announce the 2022 Sustainability Conference, hosted by SEA University of Toronto and SEA Ryerson This year’s theme is sustainability in the tech industry. Over the past few decades, we have seen great developments in technology that have revolutionized our daily lives. We wanted to explore how we can ensure these advancements are used responsibly to help build a more sustainable world. To create meaningful dialogue, we will be presenting a variety of speakers from different backgrounds to speak on topics surrounding renewables, policy, and cleantech This event is open to all students looking to gain professional development experience and insight into industries at the forefront of this shift to prioritizing sustainability and decarbonization. We hope to give students from different backgrounds the opportunity to connect with professionals from various fields and work towards the shared goal of an inclusive and sustainable future

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Conference Support


Networking Booth - Nik Schruder

CMHC - Advisor, Office of the Chief Climate Officer

Networking Booth - Phil Mckay

Sr Director, Operations at Canadian Renewable Energy

Networking Booth - Frances Edmonds

Head of Sustainable Impact at HP Canada

Networking Booth - David Boroto

Board Vice Chair, Engineers Without Borders