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Come Together: Homelessness Summit 2021

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Cheryl Harris Sharman (Breakout #1)

Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist

Josiah Haken (Main Panel & Breakout #3)

Chief Program Officer, New York City Relief

Laura Galt (Breakout #6)

Laura Galt, NYC Director, Safe Families for Children

Kristy Fils-Aime (Breakout #6)

Kristy Fils-Aime, Associate Director of Clinical Services, The Bowery Mission

Phyllis Walker (Breakout #5)

Breakout #5 | Director of New Hope Ministry, The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Chelsea Horvath (Breakout #5)

Chelsea Horvath, Director of Community Ministries, All Angels’ Church

Hannah Vanbiber-Wagner (Breakout #4)

Senior Manager of Volunteer Services, The Bowery Mission

Zac Martin (Breakout #4)

Pastor of Justice and Outreach, Recovery House of Worship Brooklyn

Lydia Lucas (Breakout #4)

Director of Volunteer Services, New York City Relief

Cheryl Mitchell (Breakout #2)

LMSW, Chief Program Officer, The Bowery Mission

Laura Rogers (Breakout #4)

Manager of Volunteer Programs, Hope for New York

Jamie Pagirsky (Breakout #2)

MPA, Team Supervisor, Downtown Goddard

Shane Cox (Breakout #2)

Interim Assistant Commissioner, Dept. of Homeless Services

Gabriella Carbone (Breakout #2)

LMSW, Social Worker, The Bowery Mission

Robert DeGuzman (Breakout #1)

LMHC, Senior Director of Clinical Services, The Bowery Mission

Patricia Hernandez (Breakout #1)

Associate Director, Metro Team for the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

Helena Duran (Breakout #1)

Mental Health First Aid

Richard Vernon (Breakout #1)

Deputy Director for Partnerships, Emergency Services, The Salvation Army

Detra Thomas

Main Panel Speaker

Wayne Batchelor

Main Panel Speaker

James Winans (Emcee)

CEO, The Bowery Mission

John Sheehan (Breakout #5)

Director, Fifth Avenue Ecumenical Outreach Partnership

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Hosted by

Hope for New York

Our vision is a New York City in which all people experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ’s love. Our mission is to mobilize volunteer and financial resources to support non-profit organizations serving the poor and marginalized in New York City.

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