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Subsurface Summer 2020 On-Demand

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Welcome to Subsurface

Billy Bosworth, CEO, Dremio

The Future is Open — The Rise of the Cloud Data Lake

Tomer Shiran, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Dremio

Keynote: The Future of Intelligent Storage in Big Data

Daniel Weeks, Big Data Compute Team Lead, Netflix

Apache Arrow: A New Gold Standard for Dataset Transport

Wes McKinney, Director, Ursa Labs

Hiveberg: Integrating Apache Iceberg with the Hive Metastore

Adrian Woodhead, Principal Engineer, Expedia Christine Mathiesen, Software Development, Expedia

How to Build an IoT Data Lake

Tim Doernemann, Senior Lead Software Enginee, Software AG Michael Cammert, Senior Manager, Software AG

Building an Efficient Data Pipeline for Data-Intensive Workloads

Ryan Murray, OSS Engineer, Dremio

Reducing Time to Market with S7 Airlines Self-Service Data Platform

Areg Azaryan, Enterprise Data Platform Product Owner, S7 Airlines

Functional Data Engineering - A Set of Best Practices

Maxime Beauchemin, CEO and Founder, Preset

Lessons Learned from Operating an Exabyte-scale Data Lake at Microsoft

Raji Easwaran, Group Program Manager, Azure Data Lake Storage

Lessons Learned From Running Apache Iceberg at Petabyte Scale

Anton Okolnychyi, Apache Iceberg PMC Member and Apache Spark Contributor

Data Lineage and Observability with Marquez

Co-founder and CTO, Datakin

AWS Data Lake Architectures

Raghu Prabhu, Global Manager, Data Lakes, Big Data and Analytics, AWS

Smart Data Lakes for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics – Telenav's Journey

Kumar Madalli, VP of Search, Data Science and Big Data Platforms, Telenav

Extracting Value from Data Assets

Yannis Katsanos, Head of Customer Data Science, Exelon Utilities

Keynote: Five Data Trends You Should Know

Tomasz Tunguz, Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures

Closing Session: The Way Forward

Billy Bosworth, CEO, Dremio