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Stronger Together Summit

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Tim Allen

Culture During COVID-19 | Stop Motion Animator, Key Animator on Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, and few more...

Martina Shenal

Culture During COVID-19 | Professor of Art - Photography/Video, University of Arizona

Dana Fritz

Culture During COVID-19 | Hixson-Lied Professor of Art Photography, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Margaret LeJeune

Culture During COVID-19 | Associate Professor of Photography, Bradley University

Anton Korinek

Economic Trends | Professor of Economics, University of Virginia and Darden School of Business

Jamie Lachman

Community Building | Co-Principal Investigator; COVID-19 Playful Parenting Emergency Response

Isabel Garcia-Plazas

Education after COVID-19|Head of International Relations Department at Santa Barbara Healthcare College, Malaga-Spain

Melanie Aronson

Mental Health|Founder of Panion, Fulbright recipient, Columbia U. graduate, anthropologist, designer & filmmaker

Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru

Founder of FightPandemics

Ohad Zaidenberg

Community Building|Founder and the executive of the CTI League

Julie Havelund

Culture During COVID-19|Co-founder of AcroYoga Collective, and a Mentor with Arts Emergency

Lukas Mall

Education After COVID-19 | Carpenter, social worker, Emergency Pedagogy – working in crisis around the globe

Richard Newman

The future of Work After COVID-19|Award-winning expert in Communication & Storytelling|Founder & CEO Body Talk

Yanhong (Billy) Zhao

Epidemiology|Co-founder of AI for Good Simulator


Internal Auditor (Ministry of Health) Assoc. (Management and Strategy, Health Management) Turkey

kelvin weathers

Mental Health | Education: A.A Houston Community College, B.A, Political Science - Texas Southern University

Peter Fretty

Tech Against COVID19 | Technology editor at IndustryWeek with 26 years of experience covering innovation & technology

Patrick Rawson

The Future of Work After COVID-19 | Institutional designer and decentralization activist | Co-founder, Curve Labs

Ellen Kratka

Mindfulness Room/Session | Realization Facilitator

Judy Natal

Culture During COVID-19 | Professor Emeritus, Columbia College of Chicago

Michelle Tsing

Economic Trends | Co-founder, Governance Research Institute

Simona Pop

Community Building | Head of Community, Status

Julio Linares

Economic Trends| Economic Anthropologist - Research and Community for Circles UBI

Tegan Kline

Community Building | Business Lead for The Graph

Tara Haelle

Disinformation and Mental Health | Science/Health Journalist, Photographer, Educator and Speaker

Mark Smargon

Community Building | CEO of

Pamela Tamara Oyarzún

Mindfulness Room/Session | Breathing and Body: your own safe place

Gustav Friis

Economic Trends | Accessible Web3 Products

Guy Zerega

Tech Against COVID-19 | Senior Vice President of Revenue at Veriff

Will Ruddick

Economic Trends | Founder of Grassroots Economics Foundation

Michael Linton

Economic Trends | Founder of OpenMoney

Andrew Kline

Co-founder of FightPandemics

Gideon Nweze

Co-founder & COO Village (

Triin Uustalu

Chief Marketing Officer of Veriff

Tim Allen

Culture During COVID-19 | Stop Motion Animator, Key Animator on Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, and few more...

Shari Botwin

Mental Health|LCSW and author of “Thriving After Trauma”

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The DoinGud community is the brainchild of Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru, who was infected with COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. Upon returning home to Barcelona, he found he was unable to get help even though there were people who wanted to provide it. Inspired by so many coming together, Manuel launched the DoinGud project with one mission in mind: to ensure that those who need help could more easily connect with those who had help to offer. Today the community is evolving from a help board to a marketplace that will create the space for artists to engage with their communities and sell their work while contributing to the work of purpose-driven organizations. From that simple desire to enable connections for the greater good, we are now a collective of more than 1900 volunteers.


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