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Strikedeck Spark Summit

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Mike Sasaki

Maranda Dziekonski

Tim Brigham

Irene Lefton

Bobby Brown

Kristi Faltorusso

Jeff Mueller

Cesar Coba

Matt Crego

Corie McKendry

Brian Warren

Chitra Madhwacharyula

Sae Ro

Lauren Costella

Emilia D’Anzica

Marvin Storey

Kristina Couchon

Suraj Mohandas

Paul Reeves

Rajendran Nair

Mark Pecoraro

Simona Barcau

Bill Cushard

Kristen Hayer

Matt Edwards

Lara Kelsey

Chris Deptula

Tim Duranleau

Thomas Lah

Shreesha Ramdas

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