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THE HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION (HWA) is a nonprofit organization of writers and publishing professionals around the world, dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it.

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Bear Manor Media

New books on old film, tv and radio - with scripts and stage stuff on the side.

Zoetic Press

The best in new literature, because humans are hardwired to tell stories


Books for the dead, the living, and everyone in between.

Horror Writers Association

A nonprofit organization for writers dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it.

Hex Publishers

An independent publishing house proudly specializing in genre fiction.

Burial Day Books

Founded in 2011, Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror.

Eraserhead Press

Eraserhead Press is an award-winning independent book publisher specializing in bizarro fiction and weird horror.

Black Spot Books

Women-owned press of award-winning dark fantasy & horror.

Black and Read

Colorado’s favorite indie store for almost 30 years!

Raw Dog Screaming Press

Fiction That Foams at the Mouth


At NoveList, we believe that books and libraries have the power to transform lives.

Library Reads

The Top Ten books published this month that library staff across the country love.

Ghost Orchid Press

Eye-catching horror, Gothic, and supernatural fiction.

Dragon's Roost Press

Dragon's Roost Press: Dedicated to bringing you the best dark speculative fiction.

Del Rey Books

One of the biggest science fiction and fantasy imprints in the world, publishing the best books in the genre since 1977.

Meerkat Press

Meerkat Press | Small Press Big Books

2022 Summer Scares Middle Grade Authors

Librarians Day

2022 Summer Scares Young Adult Authors

Librarians Day

Summer Scares Adult Authors

Librarians Day

Off Limits Press: Meet the Authors

Librarians Day

StokerCon 2022: Abandoned and Haunted Places

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: The Art of Strong Endings

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Can Horror Save the World?

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Classic Monsters Reimagined

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Editing Isn't the Scariest Part

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Flavoring Other Genres with Horror

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: From Prose to Silver Screen and Back Again

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 202: Gothic Fiction

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: A History of Horror Publishing

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Horror, Crime, and Suspense

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Horror from Down Under

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: How to Curate Anthologies

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: The HWA Diversity Grant

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: In the Name of Service: Community-Building in Horror

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Mental Health and Horror

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: The Nature of Evil

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Objects of Fear

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: The Origins of Monsters

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Writing Action and Fight Scenes

A panel discussion.

StokerCon 2022: Writing Workshops

A panel discussion.

Deirdre Flood

“Let’s Show This Prehistoric Bitch How We Do Things Downtown:” Apathy, Class, and Belonging in 1980s New York City Monster Movies.

Tugce Kutlu

Mourning in Horror: Grief in the 21st-Century Horror Films

Khara Lukancic

The Intertextuality and Evolution of Racial Politics: Triangulating Night of the Living Dead (George A. Romero, 1968), Get Out (Jordan Peele, 2017), and “Sundown” (Lovecraft Country, Yann Demange, 2020)

Karley Pardue

Bathing Bad: Feminine Vengeance and Masculine Vulnerability in the Showers of Horror

Donald Prentice Jr.

Articulations of Beauty in the film Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Debadrita Saha

Mapping the Reimagination of the “Travelling Heroine” of Female Gothic in Sinister House of Secret Love series

Lindsey Surratt

Shadows at Play in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Brenda Tolian

Gaia Screaming

Margaret Yankovich

“It’s Like I Can Feel God Move Inside Me”: The Religious Ecstasy of Sensual Vampirism in Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass

Rebecca Stone Gordon

A Panic on the 4th of July: Municipal Malfeasance, Mutation, and Monstrosity in Barry Levinson’s The Bay

Tim Maloney

The Objectification, Commodification and Fetishization of the Female Body in Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho

Michele Brittany

Beauty in the Grotesque: Bernie Wrightson's Lifelong Obsession with Frankenstein's Monster

Nicholas Diak

Rene Girard and Call of the Cthulhu

Bridget Elizabeth Keown

"Why did it take me so long to see you?": On Queer Ghosts and Hauntings

Anita Siraki

Distortions in the Looking Glass: The Hidden Horrors of Uncle Tom's Cabin and its Effects on Contemporary Black Horror

Farah Rose Smith

Disability, Monstrosity, and the Cosmic Order: Nature vs. Supernature and the Taxonomy of Monsters in Register des Buches der Croniken und Geschichten

Linda D. Addison

Author Reading

Oliver Baer

Author Reading

Alan Baxter

Author Reading

Christa Carmen

Author Reading

James Chambers

Author Reading

Clay McLeod Chapman

Author Reading

Frank Coffman

Author Reading

Lauren Elise Daniels

Author Reading

Andy Davidson

Author Reading

Geneve Flynn

Author Reading

Douglas Ford

Author Reading

RJ Joseph

Author Reading

Amy Grech

Author Reading

Heddy Johannesen

Author Reading

Catherine Jordan

Author Reading

Gwendolyn Kiste

Author Reading

Caryn Larrinaga

Author Reading

Mark Matthews

Author Reading

Nathan McCullough

Author Reading: *CONTENT WARNING: Concerns suicide*

Brett McKay

Author Reading

Ben Monroe

Author Reading

A.E. Santana

Author Reading

Diane Sismour

Author Reading--Trigger Words: abuse, smoking, adult language, drug abuse, suicide

Danger Slater

Author Reading

Tommy B. Smith

Author Reading

Sonora Taylor

Author Reading

Tim Waggoner

Author Reading

Christine J. Whitlock

Author Reading

Valerie B. Williams

Author Reading

L. Marie Wood

Author Reading

Jessica Ann York

Author Reading