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STEP Anywhere 2020 - August 24-26

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Steve Rawling

Stories that Work

Nizar Fakih

Step, co-founder

Ray Dargham

Step co-founder & CEO

Timothy Bendt


Khawla Hammad


Abdullah Mutawi

Dubai Angel Investors

Jassim Alharoon

Tap Payments

Rayan Castro

Le Wagon

Mohamad Sabouneh


Nadine Laze


Mira Betto

Startup & Community Manager, Step

Mona Ataya


LIndsay Trivers

The Tasting Class

Jer Owyang

Kaleido Insights

Courtney Powell

500 Startups

Triska Hamid


Courtney Powell

500 Startups

Amy Johnson


Christine Tsai

500 Startups

Jon Richards


Murtaza Manji

Kaizen Consulting

Faisal Al Haroun

Tap Payments

Maryna Burushkina

Growth Channel

Jamil Asfour


Denise Schmitz

We Love Art

Emily Sims


Ali Abulhasan

Tap Payments

Shereen Abdulla

spark! with Shereen

Mia Jafari


Paul Blazek

Cyledge Media

Mashal Waqar

The Tempest

Celal Berkel


Davide Capitanio


Yasir Khan

Noon Academy

Mazdak Rafaty

Lic Consulting

Ahmad Alwazzan

Tap Payments

Matt Penas

Grow Valley

Lina Nahhas

5 Rhythms

Qais Haddad


Lee McMahon

Clara Tech

Mo Hakim

Black Matter

Martin Jaouni

Funding Souq

Jazeer Jamal

Grow Valley

Dina Stars


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Step hosts the leading tech festival for emerging markets.


Tap Payments

We simplify online payment acceptance for businesses selling in the Middle East by providing an easy, quick & secure experience

Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund

A Federal initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Finance (MOF), providing end-to-end acceleration program and funding support.


The leading advertising platform for the open Internet. Criteo was built on the open Internet, and believes in the opportunity, choice and freedom that it offers to everyone.


With 45+ apps in nearly every major business category, Zoho Corporation is one of the world's most prolific software companies.

Dubai Internet City

DIC is the leading tech community in the MENA region and home to more than 1,600 companies from all around the world


Telr is an award-winning Payment Gateway, Dubai-based start-up offering payment gateway solutions to enable businesses to transact online with their customers.


The region’s only fully service integrated incubator, in5 is an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups designed to facilitate new ideas and bring them to life.


HyperPay is MENA’s leading payment gateway, offering a global standard in online payments for fast-growing businesses across the region.

Wasla Browser

Wasla Browser, the first gamified browser that rewards you for browsing the internet and discovering new digital services, localized content, and the hottest deals.

Support Lebanon: Make Donations

After the tragic explosion in Beirut on August 4th, we want to support the Lebanese community by sharing the links of the below NGOs for Step Anywhere attendees to donate to help 4,000 victims of the blast.

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Ask us anything! Let us help you navigate the event.


Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments


Startup Basecamp: Spare is a Kuwait-based personal finance app created to simplify everyone’s relationship with money and to transform the traditional boring ways of handling personal finances

Mamo Pay

Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments


Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments


Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments


Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments

Parcela Ja

Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments

The CoachLink

Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments

Nerve Solutions

Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments


Fintech Village powered by Tap Payments


Startup Basecamp : We help Organizations Measure and Enhance Learning, Performance & Well-Being through Technology and Behavioural Science.


Startup Basecamp : We are a b2b eCommerce platform for small businesses, easing their everyday procurement needs


Startup Basecamp : The platform automatically synchronizes product listings, order and inventory data between multiple shopping carts and marketplaces.


Startup Basecamp : Digital loyalty program for your business.

Finyal Media

Startup Basecamp : Finyal Media is the fastest growing podcast network in mena, producing compelling audio stories for the arab world.

Mundana Travel

Startup Basecamp : At mundana, our business is securing you the very best rates for our curated picks of luxury hotels across the world


Startup Basecamp : FinFlx helps SMEs plan, manage and report employees end of service gratuity efficiently at no extra cost.


Startup Basecamp : uMore is an AI mental health tracker that helps users build habits, change behaviours and share progress with their loved ones.


Startup Basecamp : Global marketplace for fashion tourism, curating personalized virtual and physical travel shopping experiences in over 70 CITIES

Health Interface

Startup Basecamp : Our vision is to digitize the healthcare ecosystem by interconnecting all the stakeholders


Startup Basecamp : Knackit is A short videos Platform for the Artistic Community. Turn Passion into Profession


Startup Basecamp : Moodfit connects its clients with vetted interior designers to furnish their space based on their style and budget. All online!

Geek Express

Startup Basecamp : Geek Express is an Ed-tech platform that teaches K-12 students technology skills through a comprehensive journey

Kanzi Care

Startup Basecamp : The digital-health platform for managing chronic diseases in MENA

Spider Silk

Startup Basecamp : Breaches Are all too common these days because it is simply too hard to protect data with the products available in the market.

Safe Space

Startup Basecamp : Safe Space is an employee wellbeing programme that provides accessible online support, through live sessions, on-demand content and master classes.


Startup Basecamp : VYND unifies the ‘TV experience’ by connecting Cinema, Streaming services and Content info in a single place where users can search and track any movie or series they’d like to watch.


Startup Basecamp : A responsible mobile application rewarding citizen for THEIR pro-environmental behaviour with a cryptocurrency and prizes,


Startup Basecamp: Shiffer mission’s makes shipping documents easier


Start up Basecamp: arcab is a mobility service that helps commuters who want to move daily from point A to point B by reducing the gap between expensive private transport


Startup Basecamp: We support organizations like Majid Al Futtaim, with their mission to create a happy, healthy, and highly engaged Workforce


Startup Basecamp: Launching the new AI-powered solutions for claim management and medical imaging


Startup Basecamp: We’re a young, dynamic, and well-versed team of engineers, data scientists and industry leaders, passionate about bringing innovative technologies to restauranteurs and cloud kitchen operators


Startup Basecamp: ITLAQ is a platform to connect companies with world class experts on demand

Maslaha Professional

Startup Basecamp: We at Maslaha step in to match top freelance talents with the right jobs in the UAE.


Startup Basecamp: Inphota has developed an event growth platform that leverages behavioural insights to increase attendance and sponsorship value.

Evamotion FZ-LLC

Startup Basecamp: We offer a full-service solution for video series to build brand awareness with valuable content for the audience.

Gig Economy Platform & GigEcoin

Startup Basecamp: A Decentralised Blockchain Jobs, Tax File and Transfer Pricing Ledger + Tokenization Project


Startup Basecamp: Parfumery helps individuals create personalized perfumes for themselves or their loved ones through a convenient and simple online ordering platform.

Yovza Technologies

Startup Basecamp: A construction technology startup which belive in embracing the construction industry as a whole

Startup Basecamp: Maqsam is MENA's friendliest Cloud Telephony solution for SMe's!


Startup Basecamp: Wedel is a B2B on-demand shipping and delivery service application


Startup Basecamp: Kidstarter is an online marketplace exclusively for the kids to learn & experience entrepreneurship through selling products & services with minimal support from parents & guardians.


Startup Basecamp: Say goodbye to CVs in your inbox! Molly offers simplest Applicant Tracking for your startup to streamline your hiring pipeline

Purchase Perfect

Startup Basecamp : We focus on business process improvement solutions for companies. Our first product is called Purchaseperfect.


Start up Basecamp: Areeb is a Jordanian based company, headquartered in Amman that provides SaaS (Solution as a Service) solutions and professional services.


Startup Basecamp: In-House records and archives management under barcode technology


Startup Basecamp: Fitely is a health and fitness platform that aims to make healthy living super easy and more convenient


Startup Basecamp: The first of it's kind personal finance management application in the middle east that is goal oriented and helps with financial inclusion rates


Startup Basecamp: We aim at disrupting the agricultural value chain through enabling end users to farm their high quality crops virtually.


Startup Basecamp: Create mobile applications and websites from design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe XD automatically in a few clicks.


Startup Basecamp: Welcome to Teech ! A global online tutoring platform where anyone can teach & learn easily!

Digital Future Solutions

Startup Basecamp: Professional photographic products and Computer and Network accessories AT WHOLESALE PRICES, based in Dubai.


Startup Basecamp: Browwn is online retail destination for homegrown cafes and artisan pastries


Startup Basecamp: Haera Plus develops the technology of fusion fitness fantastick DGX products that combines cultural performance production based on Korean traditional art, culture and arts, IT, and fitness.


Startup Basecamp: SOMETHING SPECIAL is Korea’s first-ever TV Format specialized, Creativity-led Global Content Development, Production, and Distribution company

The BlessedMoon

Startup Basecamp: The BLESSEDMOON caters to modern women's makeup needs. We deliver convenience, portability and customizing in fashion.


Startup Basecamp: A broadcasting production company specializing in nature documentaries in Korea.


Startup Basecamp: Co-Innovation Project with SAP Enterprise! AI Innovative Provide Time Control Marketing Solution!


Startup Basecamp: The frontrunner in the short-form web series industry in South Korea.


Startup Basecamp: Online freelancers marketplace in arabic that connects businesses with professional and quality creative companies, freelancers and part-timers at highly competitive prices.

Startup Basecamp: Emit is an application and online one stop on-demand personal shopping service.

Tajrobat Almadi

Startup Basecamp: We give you the opportunity to relive and visualize the past of the UAE through an interactive experience using Augmented Reality


Startup Basecamp: Takalam is an online counseling and wellbeing platform, connecting individuals and organizations directly with professional counselors


Startup Basecamp: Sowgh is a platform that offers an easy way for customers to find and send gifts sold by small business owners

Martha EDU

Startup Basecamp: Using mobile app to teach deaf children their mother language "Sign Language"

Be A+

Startup Basecamp: An educational electronic system that aims at facilitating and managing the educational process by student and teachers

trippal LLC

Startup Basecamp: Trippal inspires, recommends and simplifies staycation & Daycation experiences in uae.


Startup Basecamp: A B2B2C sports Marketplace to discover sports clubs, trainers and players, book activities of all types and organize games.


Startup Basecamp: Castalise allows data owners to run secure computations on their data while preserving confidentiality & privacy.

Startup Basecamp: YDAWI - Handmade in Arabic - is a marketplace that focuses on redefining the handmade, homemade, and natural products.


Startup Basecamp: Deelzat aims at enhancing the online shopping experience in the mena region through a socially integrated e-commerce platform.


Startup Basecamp : CornerCourt provides a state-of-the-art AI engine that can automatically extract highlights from any recorded game.


Startup Basecamp : "we are looking to revolutionize the world of work in the mena region. we connect & match businesses & events with flexible talents"


Startup Basecamp : We are a technology company specialized in building, implementing, and fully supporting TECH solutions for freight and logistics.

Smart Land

Startup Basecamp : Smart irrigation and fertigation system that irrigate according to crops needs and fertigate automatically, also have a mobile app.


Startup Basecamp : AHOY's innovative technology & iot is changing how companies are doing business, ux and the movement of products, money and people.


Startup Basecamp : An online platform connecting food production companies with industry experts helping them overcome their food safety challenges.


Startup Basecamp: A UAE startup working on solving daily life pains by tech.

Qewam Virtual Incubator

Startup Basecamp: We help entrepreneurs to plan, launch and grow their tech start-ups through our online educational program.


Startup Basecamp: The First Peer-To-Peer, Low-Cost Real Estate crowdfunding Platform In Lebanon.

Simply New Cars

Startup Basecamp: Provider of the highest quality leads for digital car buying/leasing using advanced data & ecommerce


Startup Basecamp : is a new website and mobile app for finding and booking fantastic spaces and owners to advertise their unused spaces.

Aver Pay Solution

Startup Basecamp: A virtual point of sale lending platform (AverPay) providing quick and easy financing options for healthcare, education and retail.


Startup Basecamp: A content marketplace that connects clients/businesses to professional writers to fulfill their needs/requirements.


Start up Basecamp: An online marketplace that connects farmers and retailers.


Startup Basecamp: A tech startup aiming to develop a whole parking system that finds parking spots for drivers smoothly.

Medicine Box

Startup Basecamp: We work to provide the vulnerable chronic diseases patients who are not covered by Health Insurance access to their medication

Mercurian Solutions

Startup Basecamp: A provider of next generation brokering and financial trading platforms with aim to grow the global financial trading market


Startup Basecamp: Jordan's first pop culture-based marketing and entertainment start-up and the leading entertainment provider for youth and diverse entertainment experiences.


Startup Basecamp : ITripPA's smart Ai concierge services helps residents & travelers save time & money on their home services & Experiences

Oasis Green

Startup Basecamp: Oasis Greens is a hydroponics vertical farm based in Dubai, harvesting year-round.


Startup Basecamp: Rebatus is a gamified e-commerce marketplace that rewards its users’ spending.


Startup Basecamp


Startup Basecamp: FifthEdge is a digitized AI-powered recruitment agency with a primary focus on building and maintaining talent pools.

Smile Handyy

Startup Basecamp: "SmileHandyy is an on-demand marketplace based out in Abu Dhabi, which allows consumers with easy access to a wide range of professional services & vetted experts.

Youth Chamber of Commerce

Startup Basecamp: Youth Chamber of Commerce (YCC) is an organization seeded with the idea of establishing a platform for the youth to ‘actualise their potential’ and become ‘global citizens’.


Startup Basecamp: Shugah is a one-stop-solution for all your celebration requirements.

Blue Angel Farm

Startup Basecamp: Cover your (Multi)vitamin needs and look good along the way, Halal Health®️.