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Melissa Brogdon

Founder @ FourthParty

Deniece Griffin

Founder @ Interval

Elkanah Reed

Founder @ Workopti

Vishwa Mudigonda

Founder @ KemNu

Shawanda Johnson

Founder @ Picture Fresh

Sheila Jordan

Founder @ Knowledge Architects

Anastasia Tarpeh-Ellis

Founder @ Bosa

Edwin Williams

Founder @ ZenHammer

Crystal Chisholm

Program Manager @ Square One Startup School

Alex Edquist

Founder @ Good Agriculture

Justin McLeod

Founder @ Surthrive / Managing Director @ Square One Startup School

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Square One Startup School


Square One Startup School

Learn the fundamentals of building your first startup

Good Agriculture

Scaling the regenerative agriculture revolution.

Fourth Party

Business tools that gives mediators their time back.


The menopause companion app


The worlds most immersive marketplace for automotive merch


The single source of truth for business strategy

Kin Collective

The easiest and tastiest way to support Black-owned businesses


Mobilize your Community

Picture Fresh

A modern air-purifier system

Knowledge Architects

Accelerating Workforce Performance