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Andy Bechtolsheim

Early Google investor and Sun Microsystems Co-founder

Kambis Kohansal Vajargah

Head of Startup-Services | Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Dejan Jovicevic

Co-Founder & CEO of brutkasten

Petra Huber

Expertin Forschung, Technologie & Innovation | Industriellenvereinigung

Viktoria Tollinger

I.E.C.T. Hermann Hauser

Johannes Wesemann

Founder at AllRise

Christoph Holz

Speaker and Tech Optimist

Yousef Yousef

Founder and CEO of LG Sonic & EIC Ambassador

Kavita Surana

Principal at IST cube

Herbert Gartner

CEO and Co-Founder at eQventure

Marcus Berger

CEO and Founder at Aviloo

Stéphane Ouaki

Head of Department at EIC, EISMEA

Diana Rucinschi

EIC Fund Investment Advisor

Christian Frey

Head of Unit Business and Innovation at FFG

Jeanette zu Fürstenberg

Founding Partner at La Famiglia VC

Siraj Khaliq

Investment Partner at Atomico

Jason Whitmire

General Partner at BlueYard Capital

Hermann Hauser

Co-Founder of Amadeus Capital Partners

Jasmin Gungör

Managing Director Onsight Ventures

Chris Sisserian

Head of Intelligence at Sifted

Hosted by

Spin-off Austria Initiative

Hermann Hauser and Herbert Gartner have organised the Spin-off Austria Conference 2022 with the help of their respective companies – I.E.C.T. Hermann Hauser Management GmbH, Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH and eQventure GmbH – and the support of the conference committee as well as all sponsors and cooperation partners.

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Onsight Ventures Management GmbH

Venture Capital Fonds im Bereich Computing, Life Sciences, Elektronik and Quantum Physics


FFG - Promoting Innovation

Federation of Austrian Industries (IV)

The voluntary and independent representation of the interests of the Austrian industry

Erste Bank und Sparkasse

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Working for your company.