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Space Force Pitch Day

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Melanie Stricklan

Founder and CEO, Slingshot Aerospace

Walter McMillan

Lt Col, USSF

Ricky J. Boyd

Northstrat, Inc.

Gil Valdes

Analytical Space, Inc.

Michael Amori

Virtualitics, Inc.

Bohdan “Bo” Maletz

Lt Col, USSF

Gabe Mounce

Deputy Director, SPACEWERX

Anton Brevde

Partner at Prime Movers Lab

Mandy Vaughn


Nathan Diller


Steven Lauver


Joy White

Executive Director for the Space and Missile Systems Center and the HCA for the United States Space Force

Steve Isakowitz

President and CEO of The Aerospace Corporation

Jordan Noone

Co-Founder & General Partner at Embedded Ventures

Lisa Rich

Founder and Managing Partner of Hemisphere Ventures


CEO, General Partner and Co-Founder at Embedded Ventures

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Space Force

Space Force Pitch Day is an event to continue the U.S. Space Force’s initiative to demonstrate a faster and smarter strategy in technology investments and partnerships with small and non-traditional businesses.

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SFPD Tech Support

SFPD Tech Support

Rocket Communications

A leading Enterprise User Experience (UX) design company

Caliola Engineering LLC

Caliola Engineering is focused on delivering secure and strategic communications solutions

Architecture Technology Corporation

ZOOM will adapt ATCorp’s T-SCANR technology to provide for dynamic routing with zero overhead, even over low-speed SATCOM links.


Centil is a development and consulting firm specializing in modern product development practice. We achieve affordability, scalability and responsiveness in today's rapidly evolving and changing environment.


SimX Creates Professional Grade Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Software.

Rhea Space Activity (RSA)

Rhea Space Activity (RSA) is an astrophysics start-up company in the science and technology industry.

CAMX Power

CAMX Power (located in Lexington, MA) designs, prototypes, and produces high-performance Lithium-ion cells and battery packs for DoD applications.

STOKE Space Technologies

STOKE offers persistent on-demand launch, directly to final orbit, for small and medium satellites.

Archaius LLC

Archaius LLC is an assured PNT company providing magnetic velocity and position sensing for GPS denied navigation at hypersonic and lower velocities with a drift rate 1,000X lower than a navigation grade inertial navigation system and antennas for retrofit to GPS receivers that eliminate distortion and reduce jamming and multipath by >40 dB with a SWAP-C suitable for platforms from Class 1 UAS to strategic bombers as well as infrastructure receivers and handsets.

Lucid Circuit, Inc.

Lucid Circuit, Inc. develops runtime-adaptable, energy-efficient, AI microprocessors and software tools for resilient and trusted high-performance analytics processing in aerospace platforms.


SciTec synergizes modeling & simulation, rapid software prototyping, and operational evolution across our distributed Agile “App Factory” to advance Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) capabilities for National Security.

Stottler Henke Associates, Inc

SIEVE: Intelligently Filter Pull Requests for Targeted Code Review

Emergent Space Technologies

Emergent researches, develops, integrates, and tests advanced systems and software solutions for civil, military and commercial space missions.

Kestrel Corporation

Sensing, and understanding, in a whole new way! is what Kestrel Corporation is all about.

Lunewave Inc.

Lunewave is developing next-generation radar and lens antenna technology for automotive, telecommunications (5G), and SATCOM, utilizing proprietary design and fabrication to manufacture lenses at mass scale and industrial grade.

IHIO Innovations Corporation

IIC has maintained all technical capabilities in equipment, intellectual data, know-how and core personnel.

Phase Four, Inc.

Phase Four is a disruptive provider of next generation electric propulsion, enabling advanced propulsive capabilities and supporting proliferated satellite constellations with its radiofrequency thruster (RFT) technology.

nFlux, Inc.

Inspired by JARVIS, we started our journey thinking about the future of Artificial General Intelligence. At nFlux, we believe solving intelligence can advance and augment the human species in positive ways.


QuNav develops sensor-fusion and signal-processing solutions for resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing in GPS-challenged environments.


Astrobotic is a space robotics company that seeks to make space accessible to the world.

Cognitive Space

Enterprise software for intelligent satellite management for the USG and commercial to maximize yield and reduce latency. Supported RIMPAC 2020 and ABMS for Hybrid Space Architecture.

Management Sciences, Inc.

MSI’s Embeddable Programmable Instrumentation Controller (EPIC) with a radiation-hardened FPGA is a general-purpose, on-orbit analytics platform with cross-domain cybersecurity.

Cambrian Works, Inc.

Catalyzing the industrialization of space to enable a thriving space economy. Our dual-mode optical/RF terminal and software enable secure, resilient, and autonomous networks, providing essential constellation infrastructure.

Toyon Research Corporation

Toyon Research Corporation is a nationally recognized small business performing both technology development and defense systems analysis.

The Provenance Chain Network Inc.

Provenance Chain™ Network is a supply chain transparency platform, leveraging Blockchain technology to chronicle & reveal the comprehensive material origin story of critical space assets.

Omniscient Labs

Omniscient Labs is augmenting imagery analysts with persistent, automated monitoring of objects with open-source satellite imagery and artificial intelligence.


Areté is an advanced science and engineering company that provides innovative solutions — from scientific discovery through production. Areté has been a technology leader in space for decades. Every GEO-Intelligence Satellite in orbit or development benefits from our leading-edge sensing solutions, analytics, or deep learning. We pride ourselves on contributing to our national security and global safety.

Capella Space

Capella aims to provide the most frequent, timely and high-quality SAR imagery products available, accessible through an intuitive self-serve online platform.

TGV Rockets, Inc

TGV Rockets is working on advanced liquid propulsion that will enable a fully reusable one ton launch capability.


We design, build, launch, and operate satellites for high resolution Earth observation, new communications capabilities, and exquisite signal monitoring.


Detraxi is offering a disruptive digital-first architecture that will significantly change the technical and commercial DNA of the GEO satcom market for both defense and commercial applications, with huge capability impacts.

Lux Semiconductors

Lux Semiconductors is an advanced microelectronics startup developing a next generation circuit board, called System-on-Foil.

Nokomis, Inc.

Nokomis’ expertise lies in the development of the world’s most sensitive electromagnetic sensors. Nokomis products are used for a myriad of applications from cyber security, electronic health monitoring to threat tracking.