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Solidarity Summit Hosts: 24-Hour Open Workspace

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We organize resources and build community.


Enter here to "Check-in" to the Virtual Marketplace

Join to check-in & receive live instruction from HUMANs Mutual Aid Network organizers!

Register for June 2021 Solidarity Summit

Join us for our Summer Solidarity Summit, Saturday, June 19-Sunday, June 20


Solidarity Summit Wellness Booth

Help Wanted - Build the HUMAN Economy!

Build the HUMAN Economy!

TimeBanks USA

Let's talk TimeBanking's magic ingredients: value, meaning, love and fun!

Econ Tools & Software video clip

Video clip shown at Econ Tools & Software session on 1/23.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

A grassroots network supporting d.i.y. humanitarian aid

Moving Forward - Kacy Zander & Lisa Nunez

Learn how to use Meditation, Art, Yoga, QiGong, and Nature to heal and grow

Shareable - Tom Llewellyn

Shareable, People-powered solutions for the common good

Everywhere Gardens - Lisa Nunez & Tim Jones

Collaborative growing to feed and build community

Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. UniverSouLove

Christopher D. Sims a.k.a. UniverSouLove

The Madison MAN - Tim Jones

A Tinier House Build-Marathon

LinkUp: A Cooperative Ecosystem & Community Brand

A Cooperative Ecosystem & Community Brand

Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks - Alice Bagley

Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks

Community Rights US

Protecting the rights of We the People and the rights of the natural world

Understanding Your Community: Professional Survey Design for Leaders

Surveys - You don't know until you ask

Heliotop - France

A green energy production citizen coop

BST net-up - France

Empower synchronization among network members (France)

Wezer - France

Boost Solidarity Actions (France)

Mutual Aid Hub Hull and East Riding - GOSH

'What if' Garden's and Open Spaces Occupation

Common Good® / Tools for a new economy™

Community economic democracy is our best shot at ending poverty and climate change.

Sustainability Demonstration Center & Social and Economic Solidarity Network

Collaborating in Costa Rica to improve the quality of life of all sentient beings through trading.

Badass Economics: A Survival Guide to the End of Capitalism

A book about all the efforts people are making to survive the death rattle of late-stage capitalism.

Guaranteed Employment Positions - Onsite & Online

Guaranteed employment positions for onsite and online job positions available now

Music Artist - Stephanie Rearick

Keyboard-based classical/cabaret/pop

Past Solidarity Summits

View footage from past solidarity summits!