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Marcin Samek

Chief Innovation Officer, McCann Poland & Jury Member, TikTok Awards

Michael Corcoran

Head Of Social Media & Creative Content, Ryanair

Tom Sweeney

Head Of Creative Strategy, Fanbytes

Pollyanna Ward

Strategy Director, Flight Story

Dannos Tsakalos

Executive Events Producer, BOUSSIAS

Sedge Beswick

Managing Director & Founder, SEEN Connects

Vic Banham

Director, Antler Social | Content Creator On TikTok With 1.2M Followers

Marina Mansour

Vice President - Beauty & Wellness, Kyra

Jess Wreford

Director And Chief Creative Officer, Antler Social

Shannon Watkin

Senior Partnerships Director, EMEA Whalar

Dimitris Vlamis

TikTok Instructor, Knowcrunch | Co-Founder, Blue Rocket

Nikos Xydas

Founder, Humble Digital Agency

Izabella Kefala

Account Manager, ADVENGERS

James Rogers

Senior Account Director, SEEN Connects

Marianna Thomadaki

Account Planning Director, Humble Digital Agency

Katerina Trigoni

Chief Virality Officer, Contentum

Nick Broumas

Chief Creative Strategist, Relevance Digital Agency

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