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Jennifer Lee

Contributing Luxury Editor @ / Chief of Staff @ SOA

Andreas Rohrich

Director of Product Development and Innovation @ Wolford

Stephanie Connolly

Product Manager @ Cradle 2 Cradle

Clara Mattioli

Global Marketing Director @ Wolford

Dr. Erika Woolsey

CEO and Cofounder @ The Hydrous

Ana Blanco

Executive Director @ Environmental Film Panel

Linda Booker

Producer and Director @ By the Brook Productions

Kim Kolt

Founder & President @ For Good Ventures

Jan Yoshioka

Director of Ocean Investments @ Conservation International Venture Fund

Nina Lagpacan

Program Officer @ Oceankind

Sawan Badooa

Founder member @ Roches Noires Eco Marine

Erika Carrera

SOS Galapagos

Maximiliano Bello

Mission Blue

Katie Geddes

Program Manager @ NOAA

Taylor Goelz

Knauss Fellow @ NOAA

Eugénia Barroca

Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Assia Edderouzi

Manager Ocean Sustainability Programs @ UN IOC Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP), Fugro

Anna-Marie Laura

Ocean Conservancy

Leonie Meier

Consultant @ UN Economic Commission for Europe

Hailey Hu

Investment Director @ Aiim Partners

Bridget Croke

Managing Director @ Closed Loop Partners

Brandon Levy

Program Director @ Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Sofia Green

Galapagos Whale Shark Project

Innandya Irawan

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer @ CarbonEthics

Nadia Laabs

Co-founder @ SafetyNets Technologies

Kortney Opshaug

CEO @ Blue Ocean Gears

Ashley Bae

CEO @ Verdant Seas

Lisandra Matos

Founder @ Virtual Diving Project

Caroline Nielssen

Global Intern @ Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Gabriela Martínez

Galapagos Biosphere Reserve, UNESCO-MAB Programme

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