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Phil Hawksworth

Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify. Also occasionally MC's at tech conferences.

Martin Splitt

Developer advocate on the Webmaster Trends Analyst team at Google Switzerland. Tries to keep the web open.

Guillermo Rauch

Founder of Vercel in November 2015, CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost and Cloudup before that.

Robyn Larsen

Robyn Larsen is a front-end developer, entrepreneur, and speaker.

Henri Helvetica

Freelance developer who has turned his interests to a mix of site performance engineering and user experience.

Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu Yiying Lu Yiying has 10 years of cross-cultural design practice for global brands and businesses.

Christian Nwamba

Software Engineer who loves making things that might possibly work using JavaScript.

Eli Schutze

Software engineer and speaker. Originally from Nicaragua, based in London working as a web engineer at Monzo bank.

Trine Falbe

Researcher, consultant, speaker and lecturer focused on empowering people through ethical design.

Tobi Lessnow

Our own in-house DJ mixing all kind of wonderful tunes!

Aarron Walter

VP of design publishing at InVision and founder of the UX practice at MailChimp.

Heather Burns

Tech policy and regulation specialist from Glasgow. Named Mozilla Open Leader for her work on open source privacy.

Rachel Andrew

Front and back-end web developer, author and speaker. Knows CSS. Ask her about Pixel and Em.

Dave Rupert

Lead developer at Paravel, a three person web shop based in Austin, TX. Co-host of the Shop Talk Show.

Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Founder. Creator of chaos. Nice guy.

Naomi Meyer

A Software Development Engineer at Adobe on the Globalization team. Worked as a teacher across Asia and West Africa.

Katie Hempenius

An engineer on the Chrome team where she works on making the web faster. Prior, a senior software engineer at Fitbit.

Yoav Weiss

Part of Google Chrome developer relations team, helping to fix web performance. Takes image bloat as a personal insult.

Steven Hoober

Is best known for his ongoing research into how people really use touchscreen phones and tablets.

Vlad Filippov

A software engineer working on the Web at Mozilla. He loves software testing, automation, and reverse engineering.

Shane Hudson

An independent front-end developer from the UK who has worked on a variety of projects.

Michelle Barker

Lead Front End Developer at Atomic Smash, author of front-end blog CSS { In Real Life }. Enjoys helping others learn.

Chris Coyier

Web designer and developer who created and runs CSS-Tricks, going strong for 10 years.

Paul Boag

Conversion optimisation, digital strategy and UX design expert.

Miriam Suzanne

Co-founder at OddBird, creator of Susy, a core contributor to Sass, and much much more.

Jared Spool

Maker of Awesomeness at Center Centre. Has been around a while. Does his laundry in Andover, Massachusetts.

Josh Clark

Helps organizations build products for what's next. Founder of Big Medium & “Couch-to-5K” (C25K) running schedule.

Nadieh Bremer

Graduated Astronomer, turned data scientist, turned data visualization designer, based near Amsterdam.

Dan Mall

Creative director and advisor from Philly. Founder and CEO of SuperFriendly. Enthralled husband & dad.

Jarijn Nijkamp

Remains a bit of a ...well ... mystery

Charis Rooda

Quizmaster extra-ordinaire and Snapchat filter expert

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