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Smart Contract Summit #1

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Andreas Dittrich

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Deutsche Telekom

Matthew Roszak

Co-Founder of Vesper Finance

Jonathan Ehrenfeld Solé

Strategy Director at SWIFT

Nick D'Andrea

Lead Blockchain Engineer at Consensys

Justin J. Moses

CTO at Synthetix

Clayton Lowery

Senior Consultant, Blockchain at Armanino LLP

Daniel Gunsberg

Founder at Hxro Network

Paul Gebheim

Lead, Forecast Foundation (Augur)

Michelle Lee

Product, Protocol Labs

Tomer Bariach

Protocol Lead, Good Dollar

Ricky Tan

Head of Business Development at Nexus Mutual

Fernando Verboonen

Co-founder, Curioinvest

Julian Tan

Business Development & Ecosystem Growth at Binance (Binance Smart Chain)

Kyle Kistner

Co-founder, bZx

David Hoffman

Co-founder, Bankless

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer at Polygon (previously Matic Network)

Yorke Rhodes III

Co-founder Blockchain at Microsoft

DCinvestor .

Julien Bouteloup

CEO,Stake Capital

Marc Barasch

CEO and Founder, Green World Campaign

Allie Macpherson "Alliestrasza"

Content Creator, Alliestrasza, Inc.

Peter Mauric

Head of Public Affairs, Parity Technologies

Ernesto Boado

CTO, Aave

Matthew Chaim

Creator, Songcamp

Marc Zeller

Integrations Lead, Aave

Jack Johnson

Panel Member, PASTEL LLC

Marek Olszewski

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Celo

Nick Ravanbakhsh

Co-Founder, Base Protocol

Max Fiege

Core Team, BarnBridge DAO

Caron Schaller

Data Scientist, Anyblock Analytics

Daniel Poblano

Cofounder, Fractio inc.

Igor Barinov

Technical Manager, xDai

Daniel Lv

Cofounder, Nervos Network

Philip Devine

Owner, Riveted Games

Margaret Apanasevich

Account manager and Operations Lead, Protofire

Johann Eid

Head of Integrations, Chainlink Labs

Andrew Miller

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

James Wang

Head of Tokens, Amun

Diwaker Gupta

VP of Technology, Hiro Systems

Jimmy Chang

Product Manager, Unstoppable Domains

SquishChaos -

Individual Investor, Squish Chaos Investing Research

Lei Zhao

Head of Business Development at Heco, Huobi

Ariel Zetlin-Jones

Associate Professor of Economics, Carnegie Mellon University

Anatoly Yakovenko


Philipp Sandner

Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Ryan Sean Adams

Founder, Bankless

Marvin Janssen

Technical Lead, Stacks Foundation

Diane Dai

Cofounder and CMO, DODO

Ryan Chown

Global Media Manager, PlayDapp

Kevin Tai

Co-Founder, Linear Finance

Illia Polosukhin

Co-founder, NEAR Protocol

Richard McFarland

Chief Data Officer, LexisNexis

John Willock

Board Advisor, dxFeed

Erica Kang

Founder, KryptoSeoul

Clark Parsons

Managing Director, Internet Economy Foundation

Scott Moore

Head of Community, Gitcoin

Leighton Cusack

CEO, PoolTogether Inc.

Scoopy Trooples

Co-Founder, Alchemix

Raghav Chawla

Director, Product Management, Fidelity Investments

Burnt Banksy

Founder, Burnt Finance

Adriana Hamacher

Senior Writer, Decrypt

0xMaki .

Contributor, Sushiswap

Andrew Thurman



Chief Scientist, Aztec

Felipe Buiras

Sr. Blockchain Engineer, Protofire

Zayi Reyes

Ecosystem Strategist, Chainlink Labs

David Steinrueck

Senior Ecosystem Marketing Strategist, Chainlink Labs

Ang Chee Chyuan

Web Developer, Etherscan

Yan Meng

Cofounder, Solv Protocol

Dapp Whisperer

Contributor, BadgerDAO

Casey Wagner

Journalist, Blockworks

Ash Bennington

Senior Editor & Crypto Editor, Real Vision

Robert Leshner

Founder, Compound Labs

William Herkelrath

Managing Director, Chainlink Labs

Mo Dong

Cofounder, Celer Network

Michael Zargham

Founder & CEO, BlockScience

Chirag Dhull

Head of Product Marketing, Chainlink Labs

Manolis Nikiforakis

IoT Solution Architect / CEO, Ex Machina

Benson Njuguna

Business Transformation Specialist, ACRE Africa

Michiel Berende

Chief Inclusive Officer, Etherisc

Dohyun Pak

CEO & CO-founder , BIFROST & BiFi

Wyatt Barnes

Blockchain Developer, ChainSafe Systems

Ryan Berkun

CEO, Teller Finance

Linna Yu

Director of Business Development, MCDEX

Jose Trajtenberg

CEO, Xcapit

Fan Zhang

Researcher & Assistant Professor, Chainlink Labs & Duke University

David Hale

Director, TechnoServe Labs, TechnoServe

Camila Russo

Founder & CEO, Defiant Media

Sangmin Seo

Head of Platform Group, Ground X

Mehran Hydary

Blockchain Product Lead,UNICEF

Lennix Lai

Director, OKEx

Ermia Saharkhiz

Cofounder and CEO, Treejer Labs

Andras Kristof

Founder, Ether Cards

Alex Behrens

Technical Marketing Manager, OpenZeppelin

Tim Nan

Co-founder, Nifty Royale

Zack Seward

Deputy Global News Editor, CoinDesk

Sam Kazemian

Founder, Frax Finance

Joshua Sklut

COO/Co-Founder, MyBe Inc

Zak Ayesh

Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs

Yu Du

VP, Wanxiang Blockchain

Young il Kim

Strategic Planning Sectionm Chief, Danal Fintech

Yoon Kim

CMO, Elysia

Yenwen Feng

Co-Founder, Perpetual Protocol

Yaser Jazouane

Head of Data Products, Chainlinks Labs

Yaron Velner

Founder & Lead Developer, B.Protocol

Xinshu Dong

Partner, IOSG Ventures

Vijay Krishnan

Sr Partner SA Blockchain, Global ISV, AWS Partner Network

Victor Zheng

Co-founder, WePiggy

Tyler Spalding

CEO and Co-founder, Flexa Inc.

Tracy Lee

Co-Founder & CEO, This Dot Labs

Tom Markovic

Head of Financial Risk Products, Marsh USA

Tom Brand

Product Manager, StarkWare

Theresa Huang

Co-founder, Tamago Finance

Stephen Tse

Co-founder and CEO, Harmony

Stephen Fluin

Head of Developer Relations, Chainlink Labs

Sheila Warren

Deputy Head of the C4IR, World Economic Forum

Seth Frey

Professor, University of California Davis

Seth Copen Goldstein

Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Santiago R Santos

DeFi investor

Samy Karim

Business & Ecosystem Development, Binance Smart Chain

Sammy Bauch

Founder, 0xEssential

Rory Piant

Director of Community, Chainlink Labs

Roger LinkRiver

Co-founder, LinkRiver

Rob LinkRiver

Co-founder, LinkRiver

Rishi Singh

CEO & Founder, Tiingo Inc.

Richard Brown

Co-founder, Smart Contract Research Forum

Raullen Chai


Ran Yi

COO, Wootrade

Rafael Cosman

CEO, TrustToken

Quinn DuPont

Assistant Professor,University College Dublin

Pranav Maheshwari

Solutions Engineer, Edge & Node

Peter van Mourik

CEO and Co-Founder, Chainlayer

Patrick Collins

Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs

Pat McNab

Co-Founder, Mycelium

Pascal Tallarida

Founder, Jarvis Network

Noah Buxton

Managing Director & Practice Lead, Armanino

Nate McCord

Product Manager of Blockchain Integrations, Chainlink Labs

Mona El Isa

Founder and CEO, Avantgarde Finance

Mindao Yang

Founder and CEO, dForce Network

Milena Dobreva

Tech Lead, SkillWallet & DiTo Labs

mildgiraffe .

Founder, Autofarm Network

Michael Meiden

Founder, Shrub

Michael Kong

CEO, Fantom Foundation

Michael Imperiale

Partner Marketing Manager, Unstoppable Domains

Melodi Kaya

Head of Developer Marketing, Chainlink Labs

Maximillian Engelen

Head of Sales, CryptoCompare

Martin Wainstein

Executive Director, Open Earth Foundation

Marek Kirejczyk

CEO, Ethworks

Mance Harmon

Co-founder and CEO, Hedera Hashgraph

Lucas Nuzzi

SCRF Contributor & PM, Coin Metrics, Smart Contract Research Forum

Lorenz Breidenbach

Head of Research & Development,

Kieran Warwick

Co Founder, Illuvium

Kelsie Nabben

Researcher, RMIT University

Ke Chen

Partner, SNZ

Kaue Cano

Blockchain Lead, Jigstack

Karen Sheng

Co-founder, NIFTY ROYALE

Justin Snapp

CTO, Taraxa

Joshua Tan

Co-founder, Metagovernance Project

Jordan Kruger

Co-founder & CEO, Vesper Finance

John Wolpert

Executive, ConsenSys

Joey Santoro

Founder, Fei Labs

Jasper Degens

Co-Founder, Strata Gallery

James Song

Head of Business Development, Fleta

James QU

CTO, LatticeX Foundation

Jae-Yun Kim

CEO, superblock

Ivan Seara Nunes

Product Development Lead, Chainlink Oracle Reputation

Isaque Eberhardt

CEO, Agryo

Imran Khan

Lead, DeFi Alliance

Idon Liu

NFT Professor, ChainGuardians

Harry Papacharissiou

Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs

Harith Kamarul

Product & Community, Etherscan



Guillaume Palayer

Cofounder, 88mph

Gregory Markou

Co-Founder & CTO, ChainSafe Systems

Fan Long

Founder, Conflux Network

Eugene Leventhal

Operations Lead, Smart Contract Research Forum

Eric Chen

CEO and Co-Founder, Injective Protocol

Ellie Rennie

Professor, RMIT University

Elan Halpern

Developer Experience, Alchemy

Dawn Song

Founder & CEO, Oasis Labs

David Post

Managing Director, Corporate Development and Strategy, Chainlink Labs

Cristian Espinoza

Smart Contract Lead Developer, Cryptex Finance

Cooper Turley

Crypto Strategy, Audius

Connor Spelliscy

Founder, DAO Research Cooperative

Christophe Lassuyt

Co-Founder,Request Network

Christoph Mussenbrock

Founder, Etherisc

Cemil Türün

Co-founder, DEF Protocol

Brett Brody

Grant Program Manager, Chainlink Labs

Brendan Asselstine

Co-founder & CTO, PoolTogether

Brantly Millegan

Director of Operations, ENS

Bobby Ong

Co-founder & COO, CoinGecko

Bob Reid

CEO, Everest

Benedict Chan

VP of Eng, Chainlink Labs

Barak Chamo

Co-founder, Strata Gallery

Austin Griffith

Builder, Ethereum

Ash Morgan

Co-Founder, Mycelium

Anush Vijayaraghavan

Product Management, Chainlink Labs

Andy Boyan

Writer & Researcher, Chainlink Labs

Amanda .

BD/Marketing Lead, Sushi

Alon Shtaierman

Software Engineer, StarkWare Industries Ltd.

Alex Smirnov

Co-Founder and Project Lead, deBridge Finance

Alex Roan

Engineer, Chainlink Labs

Alessandro Perico

CEO & Product Architect, SkillWallet & DiTo Labs

Aleksander Leonard Larsen

COO / Co-Founder, Axie Infinity

Adam Zec


Akin Sawyerr

Chief Innovation Officer, Onramp

Ajit Tripathi

Head of Institutions, Aave

Aetienne Sardon

FinTech Innovation Manager, Swisscom

Adelyn Zhou

CMO, Chainlink Labs

Balaji S. Srinivasan

Former CTO of Coinbase and General Partner at a16z

Kain Warwick

Founder, Synthetix

Sergey Nazarov

Co-founder, Chainlink

Ari Juels

Chief Scientist at Chainlink Labs

Ed Felten

Co-founder, Off-Chain Labs

Stani Kulechov

Co-founder & CEO, Aave

Emin Gün Sirer

Co-founder & CEO, Ava Labs, Inc

Bradley Kam

Co-founder, Unstoppable Domains

Yann Barbarroux

Co-founder & CEO, OTONOMI

Sid Jha

CEO, Arbol

Jonny Huxtable

Founder & CEO, LinkPool

Mounir Benchemled

Founder, Paraswap

Dr. Andreas Dittrich

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Deutsche Telekom

Roman Storm

Founder, Tornado Cash

Mark Richardson

Senior Research Associate, Bancor

Hugh Karp

Founder, Nexus Mutual

Brian Kerr

CEO, Kava Labs

Alex Mashinsky

CEO, Celsius

Tegan Kline

Co-founder, Edge & Node

Aaron Wright

Founder, OpenLaw

Brandon Illes

Co-founder & CTO, Ampleforth

Clayton Lowery

Manager, Blockchain, Armanino

Leif Eric Leiser

Co-founder & CEO, Polychain Monsters

Jesse Johnson

Co-founder, Aavegotchi

Derek Yoo

Founder & CEO, Purestake

Bette Chen

Co-founder, Acala Network

Sota Watanabe

Founder, Astar Network (previously Plasm)

Gabriel Kurman

Co-founder, RSK

Harriet Cao

Co-founder, Bianjie

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