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Smart Contract Summit #1

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Kain Warwick

Founder, Synthetix

Sergey Nazarov

Co-founder, Chainlink

Ari Juels

Chief Scientist at Chainlink Labs

Ed Felten

Co-founder, Off-Chain Labs

Stani Kulechov

Co-founder & CEO, Aave

Emin Gün Sirer

Co-founder & CEO, Ava Labs, Inc

Bradley Kam

Co-founder, Unstoppable Domains

Yann Barbarroux

Co-founder & CEO, OTONOMI

Sid Jha

CEO, Arbol

Jonny Huxtable

Founder & CEO, LinkPool

Mounir Benchemled

Founder, Paraswap

Dr. Andreas Dittrich

Head of Blockchain Solutions, Deutsche Telekom Center

Roman Storm

Founder, Tornado Cash

Mark Richardson

Senior Research Associate, Bancor

Hugh Karp

Founder, Nexus Mutual

Brian Kerr

CEO, Kava Labs

Alex Mashinsky

CEO, Celsius

Tegan Kline

Co-founder, Edge & Node

Aaron Wright

Founder, OpenLaw

Brandon Illes

Co-founder & CTO, Ampleforth

Clayton Lowery

Manager, Blockchain, Armanino

Leif Eric Leiser

Co-founder & CEO, Polkamon

Jesse Johnson

Co-founder, Aavegotchi

Leighton Cusack

Core Team, Pool Together

Derek Yoo

Founder & CEO, Purestake

Bette Chen

Co-founder, Acala Network

Sota Watanabe

Founder, Plasm

Gabriel Kurman

Co-founder, RSK

Harriet Cao

Co-founder, IRISNet

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