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SMAANZ Week 2020 (Day 1 & 2)

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Conference Open
Welcome to SMAANZ Week 2020! An official welcome from SMAANZ President A/Prof. Adam Karg and overview of the week.
Adam Karg
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Session 1: Sport Marketing
Featuring four academic presentations and an interactive discussion facilitated by A/Prof. Kevin Filo. For presenter information please visit
Geoff Dickson Kevin Filo Akira Asada Jason Doyle Luke Mao
· Sessions
SMAANZ Awards & Grants Presentation
SMAANZ Best Paper & Student Research Awards presented by A/Prof. Lisa Gowthorp
Aurelie Pankowiak Lisa  Gowthorp Mitchell McSweeney
· Sessions
SMR Editors Workshop
Workshop focusing on the manuscript review process. Featuring Dr Sheranne Fairley, Prof. Alison Doherty& A/Prof Kevin Filo. Facilitator: Catherine Ordway
Kevin Filo Sheranne Fairley Alison Doherty Catherine Ordway
· Sessions
Session 2: Broader, New and Critical Aspects of Sport Management
Featuring four academic presentations and an interactive discussion facilitated by A/Prof. Geoff Dickson. For presenter information please visit
Geoff Dickson Grzegorz Botwina Rubi Cury Herbert Woratschek Georgia Teare
· Sessions
Value & Visibility of Women's Major Sport Events
Discussing the Value & Visibility of Women's Major Sport Events with Industry Guests. Facilitated by Dr Kasey Symons
Holly Nixon Rachel Froggatt Gen Simmons Kerry Turner Andrea Nelson Kasey Symons
· Stage
Daily Conference Welcome
An overview of Day 2 by SMAANZ Conference Manager, Dr. Sarah Wymer. Find out what is happening today and how to stay connected during the week.
Sarah Wymer
· Sessions
Case Study Workshop - In Partnership with Case Studies in Sport Management
Workshop focuses on writing/implementing teaching cases into the physical & virtual classroom. Useful for HDR/ECR to build out research and pedagogical profile
Alicia Cintron Mike Naraine
· Sessions
Session 3: Digital Media
Featuring four academic presentations and an interactive discussion facilitated by A/Prof.Adam Karg. For presenter information please visit
Daniel Sailofsky Adam Karg Ashleigh Thompson Sejin Kim Kasey Symons
· Networking
Speed Networking: Meet someone new!
Our virtual speed networking allows 2-5 min video conversations & opportunities to exchange details before you meet someone new!
· Sessions
Session 4: Sport Governance
Featuring four academic presentations and an interactive discussion facilitated by A/Prof.Ian O'Boyle. For presenter information please visit
Thomas Giel David Shilbury Ian O'Boyle Josh Mcleod Leeann Lower-Hoppe
· Sessions
Face to Face Satellite Social Event in Selected Cities & a Remote Room
Please refer to the SMAANZ Website for RSVP details


Holly Nixon

NZ Football

Rachel Froggatt

Women in Sport Aotearoa

Andrea Nelson

CEO, ICC Womens World Cup 2022

Kerry Turner

Office of Sport NSW

Gen Simmons

Women Sport Australia

Thomas Giel

German Sport University Cologne

David Shilbury

Deakin University

Daniel Sailofsky

McGill University

Ian O'Boyle

University of South Australia

Sarah Wymer

SMAANZ Conference Manager

Sheranne Fairley

SMR Editor

Aurelie Pankowiak

Victoria University

Alison Doherty

Western University

Geoff Dickson

La Trobe University

Géraldine Zeimers


Leeann Lower-Hoppe

The Ohio State University

Josh Mcleod

Deakin University

Christoph Breuer

German Sport University Cologne

Kasey Symons

Swinburne University of Technology

Sejin Kim

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ashleigh Thompson

La Trobe University

Mike Naraine

Brock University

Alicia Cintron

University of Cincinnati

Georgia Teare

University of Ottawa

Herbert Woratschek

University of Bayreuth

Rubi Cury

Griffith University

Grzegorz Botwina

University of Warsaw

Catherine Ordway

University of Canberra

Mitchell McSweeney

York University

Lisa Gowthorp

SMAANZ Vice-President

Luke Mao

University of New Mexico

Jason Doyle

Griffith University

Akira Asada

Texas Tech University

Kevin Filo

SMAANZ Board Member

Adam Karg

SMAANZ President

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SMAANZ aims to encourage scholarly inquiry into sport management related research and to provide the opportunity to present results from this research


SMAANZ 2020: Conference Open

Did you miss our live session? Please find the recording here from Monday 30 November.

SMAANZ 2020: Sport Marketing

Recording from November 30, academic presentation from the theme "Sport Marketing"

SMAANZ 2020: Awards & Grants

Did you miss our live session? Please find the recording here from Monday 30 November.

Establishing a Line of Scrimmage: University Football Stadiums and their Effects on Surrounding Communities

Alicia Cintron (University of Cincinnati) & Meagan Ehlenz (Arizona State University)

A reinforced look at doping behaviour

Andreas Masuhr (University of Muenster), Daniel Westmattelmann (University of Muenster), Marius Sprenger (University of Muenster) & (Gerhard Schewe)

Towards a circular economy in the sports gear and apparel industry

Anna Gerke (Audencia), Maureen Benson-Rea (University of Auckland), Julia Fehrer (University of Auckland)

All on the same team? Time for a Coordinated National Strategy for sport-related concussion

Annette Greenhow (Bond University) & Wendy Bonython (Bond University)

Climate change, carbon footprint, pro-environmental behavior, active sport participation, swimming.

Ann-Marie Muehlbauer (SUNY Cortland) and Madeleine Orr (SUNY Cortland)

Effective Social Support for Athlete Well-Being and Retention

Brennan K. Berg (University of Memphis), Stacy Warner (East Carolina University), David W. Walsh (University of Houston), & Janelle E. Wells (University of South Florida)

Stakeholder Perspectives: Environmental Initiatives in Sport

Brian P. McCullough (Texas A&M University), Ashlyn Hardie (Texas A&M University), Timothy Kellison (Georgia State University) & Marlene Dixon (Texas A&M University)

Administrative legacies from Paralympic Games and their effect on the implementation of elite para-sports policies: a research proposal

Carlos Eugenio Zardini Filho (Griffith University)

Transformative experiences abroad: The impacts of an international sport-focused trip on American girls

Carrie LeCrom (Virginia Commonwealth University), Jennifer Jacobs (Northern Illinois University), & Karisa Fuerniss (Northern Illinois University)

The impact of athlete culture and coach connections on male and female athlete help-seeking

Christine Habeeb (East Carolina University), Stacy Warner (East Carolina University), and David Walsh (University of Houston)

Why are Other Countries Playing in the National Pro Fastpitch? Professional Leagues and Human Capital Ecosystems in Elite Athlete Development.

Christopher M. McLeod (University of Florida)

Minority in a Minority: The Lived Experiences of Marginalized Athletes in Wheelchair Rugby

Claudia Silva, Aysa Martinez, Brooke Sons, Cinthia Cuevas, & Michael Cottingham (University of Houston)

"Interscholastic personnel’s reactions to the sexual harassment of their students and coworkers"

Naville A. Parra-Alonso (Arkansas State University), Claudia Benavides-Ambs (Arkansas State University) & José L. Tristán-Rodríguez (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León)

The Experiences of Professional Cheerleaders and Dancers

Melanie Hosty (Arkansas State University), Claudia Benavides-Espinoza (Arkansas State University) & Hailey E. Daehnke (Tusculum University)

Release the Kraken: An analysis of a virtual brand launch during a global pandemic

Cole Armstrong (San Jose State University), Melissa Davies (Ohio University), Ann Pegoraro (University of Guelph), Matthew Blaszka, (Indiana State University)

“Speak Up” Investigating Professional Sports Teams’ #BlackLivesMatter Statements on Social Media

Dae Hee Kwak (University of Michigan,) Sean Pradhan, (Menlo College) & Ron Chen (University of Michigan,)

Expected and experienced social impact of host residents during the 2019 Rugby World Cup: A panel data approach

Daichi Oshimi (Tokai University) Shiro Yamaguchi (University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences), Takayuki Fukuhara (Hokkaido University of Education) Marijke Taks (University of Ottawa)

Preparing Sport Management Students for a Global Sport Industry: The Value of Study Abroad and International Experiences in Undergraduate Sport Management Education

David Zinn (Misericordia University)

Sport Industry Technical Report: An Experiential Learning Project

Derek Walton (The Ohio State University), Ashley Ryder (The Ohio State University), Shea Brgoch (The Ohio State University), Evan Davis (The Ohio State University), Donna Pastore (The Ohio State University)

Effectiveness of Sponsorships: Consumer’s Gaze Hits throughout the Course of Play

Elisa Herold (German Sport University Cologne), Felix Boronczyk (German Sport University Cologne), Christoph Breuer (German Sport University Cologne)

Self-Efficacy Belief and the Influential Coach

Erianne A. Weight (University of North Carolina), Megan Lewis (Boston University), Molly Harry (University of Virginia)

The Athlete Advantage: The Sport Meso-Environment and Human Capital Resource Emergence

Erianne Weight (The University of North Carolina), Allison Smith (The University of New Mexico), & Lisa Rubin (Kansas State University)

An Intervention to Introduce a Design Thinking Activity into the Practice of a Professional Sport Organisation

Greg Joachim (University of Technology Sydney), Nico Schulenkorf (University of Technology Sydney), Katie Schlenker (University of Technology Sydney), Stephen Frawley (University of Technology Sydney), Adam Cohen (University of Technology Sydney)

Creating Constraint Personas to Differentiate Road Race Participants

Greg Greenhalgh (University of South Florida), Brendan Dwyer, Carrie LeCrom, & Chad Goebert (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Pakistan’s sport policy (2010-2020): A critical case study

Hafsa Ali (Auckland University of Technology), Richard Wright (Auckland University of Technology)& Geoff Dickson (La Trobe University)

The Impact of Sporting Events on Host City: A Resident’s Perspective

Ho Yeol Yu (Arkansas State University), Myunwoo Lee (University of Houston), Charles E. Reid III (Adrian College), and Don Lee (University of Houston)

CORS Team Fan’s Actual Team Switching Behavior

Ho Yeol Yu, (Arkansas State University), Don Lee, (University of Houston), Michael Cottingham, (University of Houston)

Exploiting Behavior Bias in Sport Gambling Markets

Kevin Krieger (University of West Florida), Justin Davis (University of West Florida) & James Strode (Ohio University)

Churn Management for Season Ticket Holders using Machine Learning

James Du (Florida State University), Christopher M. McLeod (University of Florida), Bradley J. Baker (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Susmit Gulavani (Florida State University), Jeffrey D. James (Florida State University)

Internal Marketing and its Application to Sport: An Integrated Literature Review

Jeffrey S. White (Louisiana State University) & J. Michael Martinez (Louisiana State University)

Environmental Justice: Sport, Recreation, Physical Activity, and Health

Jessica R. Murfree (University of Louisville) & Brian P. McCullough (Texas A&M University)

What Do Internal Sport Stakeholders Really Value In Their Relationships?

Joseph Nolan, Caroline Riot, & Jason Doyle (Griffith University, Australia)

Consumer experiences in sport and tourism: A systematic literature review

Kirstin Hallmann (German Sport University Cologne), Kathrin Sander (German Sport University Cologne) & Anita Zehrer (Management Center Innsbruck)

Bounded Rationality or Bounded Morality?: The NBA Response to COVID-19

Lauren C. Hindman (University of Massachusetts), Nefertiti A. Walker (University of Massachusetts), Kwame J. A. Agyemang (Ohio State University)

The Practice of Leadership in Professional Sport

Lewis Whales (University of Technology Sydney), Stephen Frawley (University of Technology Sydney), Adam Cohen (University of Technology Sydney) & Natalia Nikolova (University of Technology Sydney)

Sustaining Market Competitiveness of Table Tennis in China Through the Application of Digital Technology

Mandy Zhang (Shanghai University)

The Role of marketing capabilities in formation the brand governance of Iranian NSOs

Habib Honari (Allameh Tabataba'i University), Miaad Ghasemzadeh (Allameh Tabataba'i University) & Mohammadhossein Ghorbani (Allameh Tabataba'i University)

Optimizing social media engagement: A longitudinal examination of professional sports teams’ posts

Michael L. Naraine (Brock University) & Jordan T. Bakhsh, (University of Ottawa)

Facilitating Support to Athletes through Digital Technologies

Michelle Hayes & Caroline Riot (Griffith University)

Is activation worth it? The role of activation on outcomes of luxury brand sponsorship

Nataliya Bredikhina & Thilo Kunkel (Temple University)

Sport Event Ticket Type Preference in a Forced E-Ticket Environment

Nels Pop (University of North Carolina), Jason Simmons, (University of Cincinnati) and Danielle Smith (University of North Carolina)

Examining athletes' leadership skills development and transfer from sport into business

Or Sela, Daniel Plumley, Rob Wilson (Sheffield Hallam University)

Bricolage as a Key to Innovation for Resource-Constrained Sport for Development Organisations

Per Svensson (Louisiana State University), Fredrik Andersson (Indiana University Purdue University), & Blake Patrick (Louisiana State University)

Cricket’s financial ashes: A model of economic dependency

Robbie Millar (Sheffield Hallam University), Dan Plumley (Sheffield Hallam University), Rob Wilson (Sheffield Hallam University), & Geoff Dickson (La Trobe University)

Determinants of consumers’ adoption of digital ticketing via Self-Service Technology

Sanghoon Kim (Texas A&M University), Hyun-Woo Lee, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University) & Kwangho Park (Troy University)

Good Sports Governance in Ireland: is it worth striving for?

Sarah Banville, Patrcik, Delaney, Noel Connors, and Ray Griffin (Waterford Institute of Technology)

Organizational Communication in Sport for Development: A Framing Analysis

Seungmin Kang & Per Svensson (Louisiana State University)

The effect of Rugby World Cup 2019 on residents’ psychological well-being: A mediating role of psychological capital

Shintaro Sato (Waseda University), Keita Kinoshita (University of Ottawa), Minjung Kim (University of Mississippi), Daichi Oshimi (Tokai University), Munehiko Harada (Waseda University)

Values and Voices: Conceptualizing Ecological Athlete Advocacy

Sophia K. Hofer (FH Kufstein Tirol University), Brian P. McCullough (Texas A&M University), Natasha T. Brison (Texas A&M University)

Making room for the researcher in a reconfigured focus group setting

Stephen O’Grady (Bond University)

The Modernization of Financing Stadia: A History of Southeastern Conference (SEC) Football 19th Century to Present

Tiffany Demiris (Louisiana State University), Chad Seifried (Louisiana State University), Brian Soebbing (Louisiana State University) & W. Andrew Czekanski (Louisiana State University).

The perceived societal responsibility of major sport organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic

Tim F. Thormann (Bielefeld University) & Pamela Wicker (Bielefeld University)

The Passion for the Gentleman’s Game in the Ashes: Afghan Refugees from Pakistan

Umer Hussain (Texas A&M University) and Dr. George Cunningham (Texas A&M University)

Examining the Constraints of Sport Participation among People with Disabilities in South Korea: Using a Socio-Ecological Approach

Wonju Lee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Wonjun Choi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Chungsup Lee (California State University Long Beach), Jinsun Lim (Woosuk University), Jon Welty Peachey (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Same Job, Unequal Trust? Analysing the Well-being of Chinese Domestic Football Coaches from the Perspective of Social Policy

Ximing Fan (Loughborough University)

Big data in sport organizations: Organizational learning perspectives

Yoseph Mamo (Tennessee State University), Damon Andrew (Florida State University)

Consumers’ intention to purchase sporting goods in social commerce: An extended information adoption model

Weisheng Chiu (Open University of Hong Kong), Heetae Cho (Nanyang Technological University ) & Thomas C. M.Fan (Open University of Hong Kong )

Women in Sport Roadshow: exploring partnership approaches to creating sport opportunities for girls and emerging women

Michelle O’Shea (Western Sydney University), Hazel Maxwell (University of Tasmania) and Nicole Peel (Western Sydney University)

Selling the 'City of Sails': Destination Branding through the 2021 America's Cup.

Chris Barron & Richard Wright (Auckland University of Technology)