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Slow Fish 2021 (Week 2)

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Brian Rosegger

Lost Coast Oyster Co.

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Manages Smithereen Farm and The Greenhorns

Rosanna Marie Neil

Policy Counsel at the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Sally Barnes

Woodcock Smokery

Blaise Pezold

Coastal & Environmental Program Manager for the Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation

Tammy Greer, Ph.D.

Director of American Indian Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi

Eugenio Berra

Belgrade-based researcher working with ViaggieMiraggi, OBC Transeuropa and Slow Food International

Pauline Terbasket

Member of the Syilx Okanagan Nation, and Executive Director of the Okanagan Nation Alliance

David Bollier

Andrea Nightingale

University of Oslo

Seth Macinko

University of Rhode Island

Jes Hathaway

Editor in Chief, National Fisherman

Jason Jarvis

Board President for NAMA; small scale commercial fisherman from Rhode Island

Linda Behnken

AK-based commercial fisherman; ED of ALFA; AK Sust. Fisheries Trust.

Ryan Benson

Fisheries Biologist with Okanagan Nation Alliance

Stephen Rhoads

Fish buyer, Seafood Producers Cooperative

Paul Molyneaux

Former commercial fisherman and aquaculture worker turned journalist and author

Hallie Templeton

Friends of the Earth’s senior oceans campaigner and deputy legal director

Charlie Abner

Captain Charlie's Fish Company LLC

Amanda Swinimer

Owner, Dakini Tidal Wilds

Gary Granata

Host of Rivers Connect the World and creator of Vanishing Foodways

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Slow Food USA

Good, clean and fair food for all.

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Last Man Fishing Movie

LAST MAN FISHING is a cinematic look at the vastly changing seafood system through the lens of small-scale fishermen across the United States.

The Wild Movie

To watch the full movie. please go to:

Wild for Salmon

Your trusted source for wild-caught sustainable Alaskan seafood.

Pride of Bristol Bay

Pride of Bristol Bay is a fishermen-owned nationwide provider of wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon and a community of people passionate about wild places and clean water.

Save our Wild Salmon (SOS)

Protecting Wild Salmon for Over 25 Years

T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation

We envision a future of abundant, sustainable fisheries and healthy ecosystems that support thriving coastal communities in B.C.

Rivers Connect the World

"Take me to the river And wash me down Won't you cleanse my soul And Put my feet on the ground"

NH Community Seafood

Community Supported Fishery/Restaurant Supported Fishery- Reviving the Catch of the Week Model

Red's Best

Best in class frozen seafood from New England. Processed and deep frozen on the dock.


The Call to Protect Bristol Bay

2018 Slow Fish San Francisco

Good, clean, fair seafood for all

Slow Fish 101

Good, clean, fair seafood for all

Eva's Wild

Regenerative food and authentic storytelling for the wild places we love - featuring 'The Wild' documentary and the 'Save What You Love' podcast.

One Fish Foundation

Save with a Salmon Subscription Save What You Love Podcast Eva's Wild YouTube Take Action!

Sereia Films

Eating Out: The Hunt for Sustainable Seafood Web Series

Wade Fernandez

An international award winning musician/recording artist/songwriter/producer who performs with voice, guitar, Native American flute, and hand drum.

Sitka Salmon Shares

Premium Wild Alaska Seafood

Original Wampum Art

Native jewelry in the Eastern Woodlands tradition of excellence

Marine Fish Conservation Network

Conserving and Revitalizing Wild Ocean Fisheries

Fisher Poets

The FisherPoets Gathering

Seaweed Commons

A learning community about marine algae for ecosystem advocates, small scale harvesters, & citizens of the intertidal.

Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.)

Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.)

Dakini Tidal Wilds

Wild-crafted Edible Seaweed frm the Pacific Northwest

Chef Jenny Devivo

Incorporating sustainable seafood into your School Meals Program is simple, nutritious & delicious! Learn more about procurement, seasonal availability, recipe resources, menu development, student participation, marketing 7 financial materials.

New England Fishmongers

From dock to door

To The Surface

“This whole crisis shows that we need to feed ourselves as close to home as we can.” -Jason Jarvis, local RI fisherman

Copper River Fish Market

exceptional seafood for exceptional people

Chef Evan Mallett Cook-along

Come cook with Chef Evan Mallett!

Chef Dana Honn Cook-along

Cook-along with Chef Dana Honn

Chef Paul Reilly Cook-along

Cook-along with Chef Paul Reilly