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Slow Fish 2021

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Steve Kurian

Jon Russell

Denisa Livingston

SFI Indigenous Councilor of the Global North; 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit Champion

Ryan Bradley

5th-gen commercial fisherman, seafood dealer, and director of MSCFU

Tim Rider

Co-owner of New England Fishmongers

Lance Nacio

Gary Granata

Host of Rivers Connect the World and creator of Vanishing Foodways

Anna Mulé

Executive Director, Slow Food USA

Jordyn Kastlunger

3rd-gen fisherman working at the THDM connecting local consumers to their supply chain

Jim Embry

Director, Sustainable Communities Network

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Manages Smithereen Farm and The Greenhorns

Marsh Skeele

Second generation commercial fishermen and seafood lover that helped start Sitka Salmon Shares

Buck Jones

Jonathan Perry

Aquinnah Wampanoag culture bearer, leader, historian, artist and professional speaker.

Sarah Shoffler

Fishery biology, science-policy liaison, and strategic science planner with NOAA Fisheries

Rosanna Marie Neil

Policy Counsel at the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Paul Molyneaux

Former commercial fisherman and aquaculture worker turned journalist and author

Marva Sii~xuutesna Jones

Ancestral Worldview Activist and the mother of three beautifully-rooted children

Hillary Renick

Suntayea Steinruck

Tribal citizen of the Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation and former Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

Melanie Brown

Organizer, Salmon State

Elizabeth James-Perry

Internationally known Aquinnah Wampanoag artist and speaker.

Cailyn Siider

5th-gen fish harvester from the settler community of Sointula, British Columbia.

Jared Auerbach

Founder, Red's Best

Andrea Tomlinson

General Manager and Advocate, NH Community Seafood

Noah Wahquahboshkuk

Enrolled member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation

Kayla Cox

General Manager and Crew Member, New England Fishmongers

Elizabeth Herendeen

Marketplace Manager for SalmonState

Jenny Devivo

Executive Chef and Cafeteria Director for the Up Island Schools in Martha's Vineyard

Ana Shellem

Owner, Shellem Seafood Co.

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Hosted by

Slow Food USA

Good, clean and fair food for all.

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Wild for Salmon

Your trusted source for wild-caught sustainable Alaskan seafood.

Last Man Fishing Movie

Stream the full movie and recorded live Q&A with filmmaker and fishers!

Pride of Bristol Bay

Pride of Bristol Bay is a fishermen-owned nationwide provider of wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon and a community of people passionate about wild places and clean water.

Save Our Wild Salmon (SOS)

Protecting Wild Salmon for Over 25 Years

T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation

We envision a future of abundant, sustainable fisheries and healthy ecosystems that support thriving coastal communities in B.C.

Rivers Connect the World

"Take me to the river And wash me down Won't you cleanse my soul And Put my feet on the ground"

NH Community Seafood

Community Supported Fishery/Restaurant Supported Fishery- Reviving the Catch of the Week Model

Red's Best

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The Call to Protect Bristol Bay

2018 Slow Fish San Francisco

Good, clean, fair seafood for all

Slow Fish 101

Good, clean, fair seafood for all

Eva's Wild

Regenerative food and authentic storytelling for the wild places we love - featuring 'The Wild' documentary and the 'Save What You Love' podcast.

The Wild Movie

Tonight at 7pm EST follow this link for live screen and live Q&A to follow:

One Fish Foundation

Educating you about the food web that connects you to the seafood you love.

Sereia Films

Eating Out: The Hunt for Sustainable Seafood Web Series

Wade Fernandez

an international award winning musician/recording artist/songwriter/producer who performs with voice, guitar, Native American flute, and hand drum.

Sitka Salmon Shares

Premium Wild Alaska Seafood

Original Wampum Art

Native jewelry in the Eastern Woodlands tradition of excellence