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Daniel Ciucur


Xuejun Fan

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

Reuven Gordon

IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer

Balázs ILLÉS

Head of the Department BME

Radu Sporea

Senior lecturer (Associated Professor)

Pekka Sipilä

Head of Next Generation Electronics

Oren Manor

Director, Business Development

Theodor Maier

Head of Microelectronic Integration

Jörg Franke

Head of FAPS

Cristina Mihaela Drăgan

Thermal Analyst Expert

Ioan Lita

Oral Session Chair

Bálint Medgyes

Poster Session Chair

Norocel Codreanu

Poster Session Chair

Cristian Gavrilescu

General Industrial Co-Chair

Monica Ciolacu

Special Oral Session Chair

mihai branzei

Poster Session Chair

Chris Bailey

Oral Session Chair

Klaus-Juergen Wolter

Opening Ceremony Speaker

Rajmond Jano

Industrial Session Chair

Liviu Viman

Poster Session Chair

Detlef Bonfert

Poster Session Chair

Ovidiu Pop

Oral Session Chair

Viorel Nicolau

Industrial Session Chair

Pavel Mach

Oral Session Chair

Boris Evstatiev

Oral Session Chair

Ciprian Ionescu

Oral Session Chair

Radu Gabriel Bozomitu

Industrial Session Co-Chair

Attila Géczy

IEEE HU&RO EPS&NTC Joint Chapter Chair

Madalin Moise


Cristina Lepădatu

Technical assistant

Bogdan Mihailescu

Publication Committee Co-Chair / ELINCLUS Manager

Gabriel Chindris

Publication Committee Chair

Paul Svasta

General Chair


Conference Chair

Cosmin Moisa

Conference Co-Chair

APTE/ IMAPS Romania organizes annually important technical and scientific events, two of the most important being TIE ( and SIITME (, international events with large participation from industry companies in Romania and Eastern Europe. APTE's education and trainings activities in the electronics packaging domain is supported by major technical Universities in Romania.

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