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Wynn Kwan

Social Impact + DEI l Ops/Program Manager l Holistic Systems Thinker

Veronique Porter

International Development & Humanitarian practitioner

Tiffani Lee

Communications and PR at Unbounce

Sunny Hunt

CEO of Hunt Interaction

Stephanie Smith

Director of Marketing, Head of Premium Products at Hubspot

Sofia Haq

Program Manager at XRC Labs I Founder & CEO at Muslim Women Professionals

Sara Tafoya

Biophysical Scientist | Development Engineer | Business and Product Developer | Writer

Sandy Zhen

Founder of Recruiting & Coaching by Zhen

Ranjeeta Baijnauth

Client Partner and Business Development Leader

Rafat Fields

Builder of Strength. Cultivator of Purpose. Champion of Women.

Nisha Pradhan

4th year medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Nicole Ponce

Communications & Influencer Marketing Manager at Semrush

Nicole Cabrera Salazar

Chief Executive Officer at Movement Consulting

Meredith Volk

Director of Technical Content at Sauce Labs

Megan O'Neill

Principal Product Designer

Maria Finn

Producer, Writer, Chef at Flora & Fungi Adventures

Lindsey Morando

Entrepreneur & Product Marketing Leader

Kimberly Dillon

Strategy and Innovation in the Wellness Space

Katie Novak

Curious, Connected Education Storyteller

Kaelen Medeiros

Lead Data Scientist at Calibrate

Joyce Chiao

Founder & CEO at InclusionLabs

Jocelyne Prefontaine

Vice President, Products and Operations Digital Strategist, Innovation Coach, Insurance Evangelist

Jenny Scribani

Senior Content Designer at Shopify

Je Amaechi

Founder at Ilera Market

Jasmine Saavedra

Senior Program Manager, New Teacher Development at Skillshare

Heidi Smith

Choice Mentor at Free Yourself Live Your Dreams Coaching

Hannah Hemphill

I am a thinking partner, facilitator, writer + spoken word artist

Gin Walker

Saving the World with the Power of Copy

Ghalia Aamer

Founder and CEO at TalkMaze

Gelaine Santiago

Speaker, CEO, and E-commerce Content Marketing Consultant

Erin Sarris

Senior Content Strategist at PayPal

Erin Perkins

Online business manager & accessibility speaker

Emma Shanahan

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Shop @Shopify

Eliza Voroieva

Lead Product Designer and Innovation Consultant

Eka Ebralidze

Influencers Marketing Manager at Semrush

Dior Vargas

Queer Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist

Daniela Retamales

Founder of Fundación Prótesis 3D and DRG Consultora

Chi-Chi Egbo

Director of Outcomes at Juno College

Catarina Rivera

Disability Public Speaker and DEI Consultant - Founder, Blindish Latina

Blair Kaplan

Social Media Expert + Mentor

April MacLean

Senior Community Manager at HubSpot

Anita Lee

FinTech Entrepreneur

Angela Heald

Director of Marketing at Checkfront

Aleenah Ansari

Writer & Video Producer at Microsoft | Speaker & Mentor

Blair Kaplan


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Shine Bootcamp

Our mission is to elevate the voices of those who don’t readily raise their hands to speak or aren’t recognized when they do.