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Shell Expo Spring 2021

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Juliana Neelbauer

Senior Associate at Drew Eckl Farnham

Nicholas Bentley

Founder, Sailstack | DevOps & Data @ UofM

Oliver Schlake

UMD Professor for Corporate Venturing and Entrepreneurship

Ian Costello

Director of Community for Startup Shell

Donald Isaac

Director of Resources for Startup Shell

Rachel Taskale

Creative Director for Startup Shell

Alex Onufrak

Executive Director of Startup Shell

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Startup Shell

Build, Learn, Share.

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Startup Shell

Fostering entrepreneurship through collaboration.

Do Good Institute

Do Good Institute helps inspire and support student ventures and projects that solve critical social issues.


Contrary is a university-focused venture fund backed by founding members of Facebook, Tesla, Reddit, and more. We invest up to $500k in early stage, student-founded startups.

Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

Educate, Empower and Equip

Mtech Ventures

Mtech Ventures helps early-stage startups survive the critical period in their development between conducting customer discovery and raising their first round of venture capital

Terp Entrepreneur Network (TEN)

TEN is a platform for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to network, share expertise and enjoy exclusive experiences.

Open Sourcery

Building an open developer community

Solr Tech

First way to turn any outdoor patio umbrella into a solar charging station.

Technica Hacks

The largest all women and non-binary hackathon working to help diversify technology by empowering the next generation of female and non-binary engineers.

SweetsbyCaroline, LLC

Making the world a little sweeter, one treat at a time!

Omega 3 LLC

Fueling your mental-wellbeing via Nutrition


We held inventors and entrepreneurs get from ideation to functional prototypes, affordably and reliably.


ScholarTrac helps make internships more accessible for high school students


Apricot AI LLC is a private startup software company that seeks to build machine learning solutions for natural language processing and computer vision-based tasks.


SoundBites is a sound sommelier: using proven research to create immersive soundscapes perfectly paired to tasting menus for an optimized fine dining experience.

Blimp Logistics Inc

Blimp Logistics is building a decentralized drone delivery network.

Tiny Theatre

Tiny Theatre provides FUN, printable, read-aloud theatre scripts that help kids build foundational reading skills and grow a love for reading.


As one of the most trustworthy projector brands, Vankyo is focused on delivering immersive, fantastic and exciting visual feasts to people worldwide.

Slay Naturals LLC

Slay Naturals is a cosmetics brand bringing awareness to diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the natural care industry.

Tierra Armøn

Terminating systemic racism in the global mainstream electronic music industry by means of STEAM community involvement and larger-than-life concert experiences


Meet your classmates in the most obvious way

The Seashore Room

The Seashore Room is an online store for coastal home accents.

White Lotus Athletics

Athletic performance for martial artists.

Compass Check

Compass Check's mission is to provide young adults with a solid foundation of investing knowledge.


We are cleaning up someone else mess, and we are making a ton of profit doing it.

Maryland Tutoring Services

Redefining Tutoring

Camp Segal LLC

Camp Segal helps parents give their kids a great summer by hosting a series  of small sports camps focused on flexible activities, safety and closeness to home.

Athenus Financial Group, LLC

Earn the Riches You Deserve

First Serve Tennis

First Serve Tennis serves the Northern NJ tennis community with clinics, lessons, and tournaments.


Konnex-revolutionizing the way people communicate


Supercharging the campus economy

Cruising Altitude

Inspiring the next generation of long term investors

Lace Bar

Stylish, affordable undergarments and sleepwear for women.


Prommuni is a professional social network for co-living.

Wood Shot LLC

We make custom wooden drinking game products and decorations to enhance your drinking experience.