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Kristen Lunman

Co-Founder Powrsuit | Ex CEO Hatch

Rebecca Wilson

Manifest like a Mamma-effig boss!

Morgan Lee

Why we need more human centred leaders

Lisa Buyer

Female Disruptor | PR Queen | Digital Yogi

Jane Peacock

Digital Strategist + Fear Slayer

Sarah Pirie-Nally

Chief of Wonder| Design & Community Leader | HCD + Neuropsychology + BeSci

Amy Scott

Helping businesses and people become communication experts

Jo Smyth

Change Leader | Managing Director

Vanessa Budah

Embracing your Inner Strength - how being YOU is your superpower

Louisa Dallow

From: Imposter syndrome To: Growth Moments

Leah Jackson

Being ok, with being the bitch.

Ellen Hooper

Breaking through the binary

Christie Whitehill

Balancing self care and ambition

Alix Nicholson

Cracking open creativity

Emma Maggs


Cat Howell

Alchemy and Magic

Yanik Silver

Cosmic Journalling

Lisa Thomas

Activate Your Inner Knowingness and Embrace Courage

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Wonder and Wander

Wonder and Wander is an agency that consults, designs and produces a series of EVOLVE events through our Island in a Box Department including SHE EVOLVES, WE EVOLVE, HE EVOLVES, EVOLVE FAMILIES.