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Hedonism & Debauchery

The Sex Game that changes the convo around all things sexual play and pleasure.

The Sex Re-Education

Changing the way we see ourselves through inclusive photo art books.

Love & Intimacy 101

Coaching you through life, love and intimacy.

Race and Relationships

Have your experiences known

National Institute for Sexual Health & Wellness

The ONLY sexuality certification program geared towards the BIPOC community.

Talisman Leather

Intentionally Handcrafted for Every Body

The Welding Witch

Bespoke BDSM furniture!

Modern Path

Modern Path is a queer, trans-owned and operated group therapy practice that emphasizes the importance of social justice, inclusion, anti-oppression and community service.


SimiSex is a Black owned sex positive clothing brand and our mission is to increase the knowledge of HIV and STI prevention in the African American community.

b condoms

The Only Black Owned Condom Company