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SEWF Youth Forum

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Ann Nderitu

Digital Opportunity Trust (Kenya)

Ela Gokcigdem

NFTE Alumni (USA)

Lisa Chen

Marine Way (Canada)

Mirabelle Morah she/her - Nigeria (SEWF)

SEWF (Nigeria)

Manroop Kalsi

EA Toronto (Canada)

Poppy Newley-Bayliss

Ecologeco (UK)

Mikey Leung (Australia)

Digital Storytellers (Australia)

Greta Rossi

ChangemakerXchange (Italy)

Tineke Weld

Common Good Solutions (Canada)

Sabrina Chakori

Brisbane Tool Library (Australia)

Matthias Scheffelmeier

ChangemakerXchange (Germany)

Glenn Foster

The Freedom Neighborhood (USA)

Samya Zia

NFTE Alumni (USA)

Natasha Akib

Digital Storytellers (Australia)

Marlen Mendoza

The Forum for Youth Investment (USA)

Jermaine Henry


Kenneth Kwok

Global Citizen Capital (Hong Kong)

Sarah Roberts

Social Shifters (Canada)

Margot Van Soest

SThree (Scotland)

Dillon Bernard

Content By Us (USA)

Pablo Luengo

Living Energy (Spain)

Serisha Iyar

Leading in Colour (Canada)

Kene Turner

NFTE Alumni (USA)

Piper Yu

MUN Impact (Philippines)

Meghan Brodmann-Bishop (Event Support)

Common Good Solutions (Canada)

Oluwatosin Ajibola

Welkom-U (Canada)

Chmba Chilemba

We Are Family Foundation (Malawi)

Tegan Samija (event support)

Social Shifters (Canada)

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Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF)

SEWF is the leading organisation for the global social enterprise movement. Our vision is to create a new global impact economy.

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Accelerating Social Business with SAP

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is committed to working with partners to realise the full potential of social enterprise; a way of doing business for the common good that is vital to the economy and for the people of Scotland.

Common Good Solutions

Learn about our services and lets connect!

Social Shifters

Find your passion > then take action!

Nova Scotia Land Acknowledgement & In-depth Resources

Why and how we do it


Watch a short video on how to make the most of Hopin and the SEWF event!