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SEWF 2021 Rural Forum

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Erika Shea

New Dawn

Shona Robison

Scottish Government

Clayton Neil

Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship

Olivier Briere


Alyson Skinner

Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective

Jody Nelson

Island Food Network

Tică Darie

Made in Rosia Montana

Maeve Curtin


Beatrice Alain

Chantier de l’économie sociale

Huda Jaffer

SELCO Foundation

Lindsey Hall

Real Ideas Organisation

Lynette Wharerau

Hokianga Hapū Housing

Mary-Anne Scully

Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE)

Maude Brossard

Chantier de l’économie sociale

David Upton

Common Good Solutions

Brendan Ennis

Wexford Enterprise Centre

Adrian Banie Lasimban

Create Borneo

Liam O Rourke

Larchwood Canada

Kelly Marie Redcliffe

Manager, Wolfville Farmers' Market

Ganesh Neelam

Executive Director, Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI)

Alyson MacGillivray

Development Manager, South Islay Development

Robert Nichols

Consultant, Common Good Solutions

Teresa Lomas

Consultant - Accountant, LCT Consulting & Accounting

Pete Ekstedt

SENVIC Regional Manager, The Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE)

Brady Cronin

Project Officer, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Mackenzie Akin

Executive Director, Carleton Road Industries Association

John Kay

CEO/Chair, Realize Strategies Co-operative/Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

Alyce Maclean

President, Common Good Cape Breton

Dirk Rohwedder

Regional Director, School for Social Entrepreneurs

Matt Pfahlert

Cofounder and CEO, Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship

Janet O'Toole

Community Development Manager, Connemara West plc

Katja Rinne-Koski

Researcher, University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute

Dr. Wanda Wuttunee

Professor, University of Manitoba

Jane Millar

Development Manager, The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust

Carly Mohamed

Board member, First Australians Capital

Kristi Fairholm Mader

Director, Initiatives and Innovation, Scale Collaborative

Dissa Syakina Ahdanisa

Founder, Fingertalk

Nana Adjoa A. Sifa

Lead, Guzakuza

Sally Reynolds

Development Manager, Urras Oighreachd Chàrlabhaigh (Carloway Estate Trust)

Joy Tony

Founder/Director, Durian Nigeria

Ailsa Clark

Founder and Development Manager, Inspiralba

Lisa Lowthers

Learning Manager, Common Good Solutions

Eric Lombardi

Ecocycle, USA

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SEWF is the leading organisation for the global social enterprise movement. Our vision is to create a new global impact economy.

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Accelerating Social Business with SAP

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is committed to working with partners to realise the full potential of social enterprise; a way of doing business for the common good that is vital to the economy and for the people of Scotland.

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