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Scout Interventions: Disrupt Conference 2021

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Welcome to Interventions: Disrupt!
2021-04-10T09:00:00Z 2021-04-10T09:25:00Z America/New_York Welcome+to+Interventions%3A+Disrupt%21 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Keynote Speaker 1: David Dylan Thomas
Our users have biases and so do we, but design and content strategy can help keep them at bay (or use them for good).
David Dylan Thomas
2021-04-10T09:20:00Z 2021-04-10T10:15:00Z America/New_York Keynote+Speaker+1%3A+David+Dylan+Thomas Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Panel 1: Social Impact & Design Thinking
Explore the role of design in social impact from the commons to the campaign trail, on Twitter, in the town hall, and far beyond.
Colleen Murphy Ciana Cronin Bermon Painter Paul Bologna
2021-04-10T10:15:00Z 2021-04-10T11:35:00Z America/New_York Panel+1%3A+Social+Impact+%26+Design+Thinking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Panel 2: Design + Community Organizing
Using design-thinking to explore opportunities to push the boundaries so that our communities can flourish.
Ava Nordling Lori Lobenstine Design Activist Institute
2021-04-10T10:15:00Z 2021-04-10T11:35:00Z America/New_York Panel+2%3A+Design+%2B+Community+Organizing Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Workshop: Portfolio Demonstration
Wix designers will guide you through the intricacies of creating a portfolio website. We’ll go over best practices for building a portfolio!
Vuong Tong Yotam Kellner
2021-04-10T10:30:00Z 2021-04-10T11:35:00Z America/New_York Workshop%3A+Portfolio+Demonstration Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Keynote Speaker 2: Jackson Hyland-Lipski
Being a creative in the worlds of activism and politics.
Jackson Hyland-Lipski
2021-04-10T12:55:00Z 2021-04-10T13:45:00Z America/New_York Keynote+Speaker+2%3A+Jackson+Hyland-Lipski Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Panel 3: Inclusion and Innovation
Our panelists discuss how we can deconstruct issues of access in design, CS, and project management infrastructure to be more inclusive.
Tia Thomson Vanessa Gregorchik Sophia Moon Shriya Nevatia
2021-04-10T13:45:00Z 2021-04-10T15:05:00Z America/New_York Panel+3%3A+Inclusion+and+Innovation Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Panel 4: Sustainable & Ethical Design
How can we design a more sustainable future?
Cooper Gould Kyle Wire Kennedy Castelli
2021-04-10T13:45:00Z 2021-04-10T15:05:00Z America/New_York Panel+4%3A+Sustainable+%26+Ethical+Design Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Keynote Speaker 3: Sarah Fathallah - Learning and Unlearning Design
Critique & expand design education in order to build critical alternatives that shift our collective practices for how to do design better.
Sarah Fathallah
2021-04-10T15:25:00Z 2021-04-10T16:15:00Z America/New_York Keynote+Speaker+3%3A+Sarah+Fathallah+-+Learning+and+Unlearning+Design Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Closing Ceremony
2021-04-10T16:15:00Z 2021-04-10T16:45:00Z America/New_York Closing+Ceremony Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Vanessa Gregorchik

Designer, Upstatement

Cooper Gould

Scout Affiliate

Tia Thomson

Associate, Visible Hands

Bermon Painter

Innovation & Strategy Leader, EY Wavespace

Lori Lobenstine

Program Design Lead, Design Studio for Social Intervention

Graciela Guadarrama Baena

Design Researcher, Strategist, and Futurist

Kyle Wire

Sustainable Urban Environments Designer

Ava Nordling

Scout Member

Ciana Cronin

Scout Member

Sophia Moon

Host, Creative Mornings Boston

Colleen Murphy

Social Impact Designer and Lecturer

Design Activist Institute

Philadelphia-Based Grassroots Design Collective

Kennedy Castelli

Industrial and Digital Product Designer

Paul Bologna

Digital Creative and Organizer

David Dylan Thomas

Design Strategist, Author of Design For Cognitive Bias

Jackson Hyland-Lipski

Visual Director of Women's March Global, Founder of Activism Media

Sarah Fathallah

Social Designer and Researcher, Co-Founder of Design Gigs for Good

Shriya Nevatia

Program Director, On Deck Catalyst

Yotam Kellner

Wix Playground Academy Lead Mentor

Vuong Tong

Wix Playground Academy Lead

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We have 11 organizations including: IDEA, E-Club,Generate, NUImpact, Huntington Angel Network, WISE, Scout, ViTAL, Origin, IP CO-LAB and Compass

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