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Bellamy Ogak

Activist, influencer and founder & creative director of Afroitalian Souls

Ebinehita Iyere

Founder of Milk Honey Bees & Therapeutic Youth Practitioner

Ibrahim Ouassari

Founder and CEO of MolenGeek

Médiatrice Mujawamariya

Author, editor and radio host and founder of Little Africans

Lison Sabrina Musset

Visual Artist / Co founder of The Collective Makers and Wiredart

Joseph Ijoyemi

Contemporary artist & co-founder of The Collective Makers

Manal Aziz

Mental health advocate, freelance writer & cultural entrepreneur

Rachael Moore

LGBT Activist & Founder of Rainbow Nation

Dior Bediako

Founder of Pepper Your Talk and The Junior Network

Salome Habte

Power of Owning Your Narrative (Host)

rym kechacha

Racial Trauma & Mental Health (Host)

Imani Faber

Student and Author

Jean-Gabriel Kabote

Poet, Writer, Jurist & Co-founder of Black Men Sharing (B.M.S)

David Ankrah

Representation Matters (Host)

Flavilla Fongang

Founder of 3 Colours Rule & TLA Black Women In Tech

Temar Biratu

DE&I (Host)

Melvin MacCarthy

Take Control Of Your Life (host)

maia thomas

EDI Consultant, Activist, Speaker & Influencer

Aya Mohamed

Content Creator & Social Activist

Amadou Sow

Medical Doctor | Research Scientist |Global Medical Affairs in Biotech & Pharma industry

Betel Mabille

Anti racism and feminism educator, speaker and activist

Elizabeth Morrison

DE&I (Host)

Ibrahim Kamara

Digital entrepreneur and co-founder of GUAP

Evelyne Sarah Afaawua

Founder of Nappytalia

Prince Marnu

The Strength of Networks

Cynthia Mukendy

Marketing professional, Founding Director at African Gist

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Levi Strauss & Co.'s Black & North African Community

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