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Bellamy Ogak

Activist, influencer and founder & creative director of Afroitalian Souls

Ebinehita Iyere

Founder of Milk Honey Bees & Therapeutic Youth Practitioner

Ibrahim Ouassari

Founder and CEO of MolenGeek

Médiatrice Mujawamariya

Author, editor and radio host and founder of Little Africans

Lison Sabrina Musset

Visual Artist / Co founder of The Collective Makers and Wiredart

Joseph Ijoyemi

Contemporary artist & co-founder of The Collective Makers

Manal Aziz

Mental health advocate, freelance writer & cultural entrepreneur

Rachael Moore

LGBT Activist & Founder of Rainbow Nation

Dior Bediako

Founder of Pepper Your Talk and The Junior Network

Salome Habte

Power of Owning Your Narrative (Host)

rym kechacha

Racial Trauma & Mental Health (Host)

Imani Faber

Student and Author

David Ankrah

Representation Matters (Host)

Jean-Gabriel Kabote

Poet, Writer, Jurist & Co-founder of Black Men Sharing (B.M.S)

Flavilla Fongang

Founder of 3 Colours Rule & TLA Black Women In Tech

Temar Biratu

DE&I (Host)

Melvin MacCarthy

Take Control Of Your Life (host)

Dominique Bergiers


maia thomas

EDI Consultant, Activist, Speaker & Influencer

Aya Mohamed

Content Creator & Social Activist

Amadou Sow

Medical Doctor | Research Scientist |Global Medical Affairs in Biotech & Pharma industry

Elizabeth Morrison

DE&I (Host)

Ibrahim Kamara

Digital entrepreneur and co-founder of GUAP

Evelyne Sarah Afaawua

Founder of Nappytalia

Prince Marnu

The Strength of Networks

Cynthia Mukendy

Marketing professional, Founding Director at African Gist

Betel Mabille

Anti racism and feminism educator, speaker and activist

Patrick wetzel Retail Recruiter Levi strauss

Contest Winners (Host)

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Levi Strauss & Co.'s Black & North African Community

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