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SAOS Conference 2021 "SAOS's A-Z for a Bright Future"

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Cameron Live Delegate Support Booth

Delegate Support Booth

NFU Mutual

Welcome to the NFU Mutual virtual booth.

Ledingham Chalmers

Straightforward, specialist advice for food and farming businesses.

B is for Benchmarking

Pointing farm businesses in the right direction

E is for Education with RHET

The Royal Highland Education Trust

F is for Food and Drink

Food and drink supply chains - building resilience and sustainability

G is for Genetics

Speeding up dairy breeding

H is for Help & Support with RSABI

Supporting people in Scottish agriculture

I is for Innovation

Find out more about starting your innovation journey

J is for Jobs

#workingtogether in farming, food and drink

K is for Knowledge Transfer

Improving the profitability and sustainability of #farms and #crofts

L is for Local


M is for Markets

New market opportunities for 2021 and beyond

N is for Next Generation

How do we engage with the Next Generation?

Q is for Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in Scotland’s Food and Drink Supply Chain

R is for Research with SEFARI

Research into co-operation and co-ops in Scotland

S is for Sensors


T is for Teamwork


U is for USP with Scotland Food & Drink

Giving Scotland a competitive edge

Y is for You

What can we do #WorkingTogether?

X is for "X" factor

What gives co-ops the ‘X’ factor?