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SAFIN Plenary Week 2020 Mon-Wed

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SAFIN is a network of 50 institutions who share a commitment to accelerate access to finance for agri-SMEs.


Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association

Walking the talk to promote agri-SME finance in the region

ISF Advisors

The agricultural platform revolution

Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance

Building the market for agri-SME finance

Aceli Africa

Unlocking finance for inclusive agriculture in East Africa

Alfal Micro & Small Finance

Food security & blended finance, TGIF as a case project from Sudan

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Building an African led agri-finance ecosystem

Yield Uganda Fund

A deep dive into a single country agri-SME fund and the companies it supports

Platform for Agricultural Risk Management

Agricultural risk management: Building opportunities for small rural businesses