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SAFIN Plenary Week 2020 Thu-Fri

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SAFIN is a network of 50 institutions who share a commitment to accelerate access to finance for agri-SMEs.


Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association

Walking the talk to promote agri-SME finance in the region

ISF Advisors

The agricultural platform revolution

Aceli Africa

Unlocking finance for inclusive agriculture in East Africa

Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance

Building the market for agri-SME finance

Alfal Micro & Small Finance

Food security & blended finance, TGIF as a case project from Sudan

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Building an African led agri-finance ecosystem

Yield Uganda Fund

A deep dive into a single country agri-SME fund and the companies it supports

Platform for Agricultural Risk Management

Agricultural risk management: Building opportunities for small rural businesses