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Jessica Gonzales

President InCharge, InCharged

James Hughes

University Professor, Rutgers University

Jens Molbak

Founder, New Impact

Brigette Eagan

Human Resources Counseling & Compliance Group, Genova Burns

Tennille McCoy

Assistant Commissioner, Human Capital Strategies, New Jersey Dept of Labor & Workforce Development

Luis De La Hoz

FVP, Community Lending NJ & NY, Valley Bank

Timothy Rollender

Director, Venture Programs, New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA)

Jay Soled

Jay Soled, Professor, Rutgers Business School

Nancy Cantor

Chancellor, Rutgers University – Newark

Arturo Osorio

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers Business School

Andrea Cunnell

Director, Alumni & Corporate Engagement, Rutgers Business School

Lyneir Richardson

Executive Director, The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED)

Kelly Brozyna

CEO and State Director, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers

Lei Lei

Dean, Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick