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Heath Saltzman, MD

Cardiologist, Virtua Medical Group, Heart Rhythm Specialists

Ibrahim Moussa, DO, SCAI, FACC, RPVI

Cardiologist, Virtua Medical Group, Interventional Cardiology, Lead Physician

Aaron Dorfman, MD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Division of Cardiology, NJ Section

Renee Lombo, MSN, RN

Director, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Services, Virtua Health

Troy Randle, DO, MBA

Cardiologist, Virtua Health

Theresa Rowe, MSN, CRNP

Director of Heart Failure Services, Virtua Health

Kevin Overbeck, DO

Chair, Geriatrics & Gerontology, RowanSOM, Director, NJISA

Rajeev Marreddy, DO, FACC, FSCAI

Cardiologist, Virtua Medical Group, Interventional Cardiology

Frank Leone, MD, MS

Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care, University of Pennsylvania

Joshua Coren, DO, MBA, FACOFP

Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, Chair & Professor, Family Medicine, Director, Continuing Medical Education

Danielle Cooley, DO

Chair, OMM/NMI, Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Medical Director, Family Medicine Sewell Office, RowanSOM

Meagan Vermeulen, MD

Founding Program Director, Inspira FM, Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Medical Director, Sewell, RowanSOM

Kanad Mukherjee, DO

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, RowanSOM, Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine

Joanna Petrides, PsyD

Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Resident Research Director, FM, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, RowanSOM

Patricia Luceri, DO

Medical Director, Endocrinology, Diabetes/Metabolism, Jefferson Health, Fellowship Program Director, Endocrine, RowanSOM

Jean Marie Davidson, DO

Medical Director, Endocrinology, Nutrition/Diabetes, Virtua, Endocrinologist, Lead Physician, Virtua

Judith Lightfoot, DO

Chair, Dept of Medicine, Infectious Disease, Associate Professor of Medicine, Rowan SOM

Michael Barnish, DO

Associate Professor of Medicine, RowanSOM

Michele Tartaglia, DO

Assistant Dean of Clinical Education, Associate Professor of OB & GYN, RowanSOM

Suzanna Hosein, DO

Family Medicine

Kamini Geer, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Advent Health, Program Director, Family Medicine, Residency East Orlando

Courtney Barry, PsyD, MS

Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wiscinson, Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

Alissa Hochman, PhD

Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychologist, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Karim Ghobrial-Sedky, MD, MSc, DFAPA

Clinical Faculty and Psychiatry Program Director, Family Health Centers of San Diego

Sarah Kleinle, DO

CARES Institute, RowanSOM

Rachel Silliman Cohen, MD, FAAP

Acting Medical Director & Co-Director, CARES Institute, Asst Prof Pediatrics, RowanSOM, Adjunct Asst Prof Peds, CMSRU

Jay Greenspan, MD, MBA

Nemours, Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children, Professor of Pediatrics, Jefferson Medical College

Justin Schweitzer, DO

Medical Director for LGBTQ+ Health and Primary Care, Cooper Care Alliance

Alicia Tucker, MD, CAQSM

Fellowship Director Tower Health/Drexel Primary Care Sports Medicine, Asst Prof Program Director Sports Medicine, Drexel

Mike Wolf, MD, CAQSM

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery & Pediatrics, Drexel College of Medicine

Elan Goldwaser, DO, FAOASM

Assistant Professor, Sports Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

Altamash Raja, DO, CSCS

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & rehabilitation, NMI, RowanSOM

Geoffrey Dreher, DO, CAQSM

Primary Care Sports Medicine, Associate Director of Osteopathic Education, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

Aubrey Olson, DO

Chair, Student Academic Progress Committee, Asst Professor, FM, Adjunct Professor, RowanSOM

Richard Jermyn, DO, FAAPMR

Director, NMI, Professor and Chair, Rehabilitation Medicine, RowanSOM

James Bailey, DO

Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine, RowanSOM

Jennifer Sepede, DO

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Alexander King, DO

Assistant Professor, OMM Department, RowanSOM

Anne Jones, DO, MPH

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, RowanSOM, Director of Student Affairs, RowanSOM, Sewell

Samantha Plasner, DO

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Tara Pellegrino, DO

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Alison Mancuso, DO

Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Nils Brolis, DO

Medical Director, Simulation Center, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Rebecca Moore, DO

Associate Professor, Family Medicine, Medical Director Hammonton Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Alexander Kowalski, DO

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, Associate Program Director/Medical Director, Stratford, Family Medicine, RowanSOM

Jennifer LeComte, DO

Division Chief, Internal Medicine, RowanSOM

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Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine is dedicated to refining and enhancing physicians' knowledge to manage the changing needs of the healthcare system. These evidence-based educational lectures are structured to augment physician expertise with current guidelines, materials and recommendations, as well as up-to-date advances in medical treatment on specific topics.

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