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Katie Kearns

Hosting Competition Booth

Tree Sturman

Educator Panelist

Seema Naik

Educator Panelist

Dr. Kathleen Schofield

Educator Panelist

Stuart Kehoe

Educator Panel Lead

Rachel Jacobson

Gamification Panelist

Arana Shapiro Shapiro

Gamification Panelist

Aurore Dimopoulos

Gamification Panelist

Evan Darcy

Gamification Panel Lead

Vikas Gupta

Virtual Robotics Panelist

Keith Oelrich

Virtual Robotics Panelist

Dan Mantz

Virtual Robotics Panelist

Karen Young

Virtual Robotics Panel Lead

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It is our mission to make coding and robotics more affordable and more accessible for all students across the world. Using Robotify, students have 24/7 access to the latest and greatest robots without having to ever purchase real hardware. ‍ Robotify is all in browser, so there is no need for any downloads and can be used on any device from laptops, to tablets, and even your smart phone. Just simply log in, pick a lesson and get coding - it is easy as that!

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