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Bella Iliovski

PN Crew

Charlotte Callil

PN Crew

Chloe Rogerson

PN Crew

Corrine Teng

PN Crew

Meesha Laboo

PN Crew

Daniel Pizzato

IAC Chair

Razaan Adams

PN Crew

Ashley Cain

PN Crew

Mie Thai

PN Crew

John Dingeldei

PN Crew

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RMIT School of Media & Communication Student Initiative

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RMIT Student Star Map

The Stars of Advertising 2021

Corrine Teng

Strategist Ready to Crack Open Cold Cases

Ashley Cain

A workaholic juggling many hobbies

Meesha Laboo

Vibrant, passionate and makes strong, lasting connections

Razaan Adams

Bold thinking. Bolder copy. See how I bring words to life.

Charlotte Callil

A passionate creative, lover of journaling and binger of podcasts

Bella Iliovski

Full of energy and fresh ideas

Alana Wood

Alana Wood - Blending Empathy With Art Direction

Gideon Goldberg

Gid Goldberg Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Amelia Ransom


Kanghui (Katie) Zhang

Creating ideas that resonate with people through meaningful visuals has always been my first love.

Sarannie Tong

Creative work is like a mocha. There are bitter, yet often satisfyingly sweet moments.

Ben Caruso

Art is transit but ideas are immortal. This is why i love producing campaigns that are remembered!

Callum Scott

same copywriting, different approach with Callum.

Christine Nguyen

Christine Nguyen Answers Pitch Night's Most Searched Questions

Sofie Schmid

Adapting is my second nature, so bring it on!

Perri Kapnias

Strategist, Published Writer & Part-Time Artist with a Keen Interest in Understanding Human Societies, Philosophy & AI.

Pip Erin Dolman

CEO of Coke Zero and Imperfectionism

Georgia Payne

A human thesaurus, or better yet, a copywriter

Jacob Mullins

I believe creativity can change the world

Tom Ahearn

Grinder, insight finder and copywriter - don't assume.

Lucy Strauss

The only thing I love more than art direction is hommus, oh, and fashion.

Sophie Adam

Focused on shifting culture with ingenuity & aesthetic pleasure

Noa Shenker

Self-described big fan of words.

Chloe Rogerson

I'm a quiet creative with loud ideas - check me out!

Pat Bucoy

Creating unforgettable work, whether it's weird or cool to look at.

Emma Cairnes

Who is Emma Cairnes?

Liya Ai

Art Director

Audrey Hardha

Keep talking nonsense; it's the best route to a genius idea

Isabel Gillespie

Content Creator

Alexandra Tenuta

Tangled in a world of meaningful scribbles, compelling concepts, and Adobe Suite!!

Mie Thai

Account Manager | I build trust, get the tasks done... ON TIME and ON BUDGET.

Christopher Bui

I like making things look nice.

Isabella Polazzon

Copywriter, Content Creator, and Playlist Curator

Cooper Stubbs

Just your casual wordsmith with a vivid mind

Jenanie Jude

Eager Art Director, Little Brown Girl & Lemon Cake Connoisseur

Josephine Khoe

Let's talk creative. I'll take you to the best coffee place.

Victoria Grech

The ad (student) you wouldn't want to skip

Keely Finnigan

I'm not great at introductions but I'll try my best ...

Leonie Duff

Art Director loves a good yarn

Xiaoyan (Cassie) Liu


Oscar Turmine Minchinton

Art Director

Siann Nutting

Criminologist turned strategist

Seb Murphy


Jess Wegmann

Art Director & Copywriter

Alastair Langsford


James Nicolaci


Mercedes Woodcroft

Art Director

Xanthe Doran

Art Director

Jack Stummer

Account Manager

Jessica Trajkovska

Art Director

Kyra Nicole Silos


Evelyn Zgrablic


Michael Nedelko

Content Creator (Digital Branding)

Darshan Valji

Account Manager

George Landy

Art Director

Yiran (Trista) Wang


Alexandra Greenwood

Art Director

Zhuohang Li


Olivia Smith

Art Director

Judith Appiagyei

Always dreaming

Claudia Messenger

Photographer/Media Creator

Adele Venn Casey

Chronic Daydreamer

Yawen Zhang

Account Manager

Ruihan Xie


Linqing Zhang

Art Director

Xiayi Zhong


Hans (Jinglin) Zhan

Art Director

Xiangqin Kong


Siyu Liang


Longyi Xie


Fanqi (Felicia) Fang

Creative Strategist

Hanling Fan

I'm Blooming Now

Xiaowen (Kris) Li

Art Director

Tong (Joy) Qin

Art Director

Linyunqing (Alexis) Fan

Art Director

Xuanwei Liu


Peixuan Lyu

There's a cave. There's a visual monsters.

Weijing Zhu


Chiara Lombardozzi


RMIT University

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