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RIAC - Transnational Project to promote the Integration of Refugees into the Labour Market and the Host Society

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Dr. Susanne Simsek

Pro Arbeit

Francesca Palma

Pro Arbeit

Boris Alexander Berner

Managing Director Pro Arbeit - Kreis Offenbach - (AöR)

EPM Pro Arbeit

Your contact for questions and problems on hopin

Bernadette Boecker

Pro Arbeit

Bugra Avci


Amira Bieber

Pro Arbeit

Katarina Ivanković Knežević

Director, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

The event is over

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Final movie of the final conference

Short film about the summary of the final conference

RIAC - Agenda

23rd November 2020

RIAC - Film session

How to RIAC around Europe

RIAC - Photo exhibition

RIAC People

RIAC - Blueprint & Poster


İGAM - Integration & Livelihood Projects

İGAM Integration & Livelihood Projects

İGAM - Protection & Education Projects

İGAM - Protection & Education Projects

İGAM - Advocacy Activities

İGAM - Advocacy Activities

İGAM & UNHCR Cooperation

İGAM & UNHCR Cooperation

İGAM - Social Media Outlets

İGAM - Social Media Outlets

İGAM - Awards

İGAM - Awards

Alisei - Fili D´Africa - Social Promotion Association


Alisei - Methodology Note Fili d´Africa


Habitat - Booklet


CIDIS - Workbook Agricoltura


CIDIS - Workbook Dirittidoveri


CIDIS - Workbook Tessile


CIDIS - Workbook Turismo Ristorazione


Esbjerg - Citater


Esbjerg - Women - Cleaning, Service & Carehelper

Women - Cleaning, Service & Carehelper

Esbjerg - Video & costruction

Video & costruction

Esbjerg - women quotes

women quotes

Esbjerg - Photos

Esbjerg - Photos

KIZ - german partner

Who is KIZ?

RUB - Ruhr University Bochum

german partner

Pro Arbeit Kreis Offenbach (AöR) - Portfolio


Offenbach County


Project School

Project School - Empowering People

Europe Direct

Your competent contact point regarding the European Union

European Commission

The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme

European Program - FAB Project

Fast-track Action Boost

FIER - Project

Fast-track Integration in European Regions


Building laboratories for education one at a time

RIAC Team of interpreters

Interpreters - Magdalena Lindner-Juhnke

Short film about a Syrian woman

Syrian woman - Gardenia Elkaser