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RevUp Fitness Conference

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Donyetta Edwards

Lifestyle Blogger + YouTuber

Marquiste Boyce

Automation & Tech Expert.

David Shands

World Famous Business Coach - ⁣Behavior Scientist⁣/⁣Certified 𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗖 Consultant⁣

Electrik Fit

Wellness Advocate | Electrik Foodie 💚 Fusing a #PlantBased #Alkaline Lifestyle with Fitness

Olan Adeyemi

Owner of @ownpace.athletics

Jochebed Johnson

I am Jochebed, Virtual health coach+Life catalyst. Here to help u Look GOOD, Feel BETTER & Do BEST!

Solomon Lacy

Credit Expert & Secure Funding for your Favorite Entrepreneurs 💯 Over 25 milli funded!


FLEXIBILITY Coach, Athletic Yoga, Dance, Yoga Seduction Creator

Bernadette Henry

Tiktok Expert 30k+ Followers - I help women over 40 get a safe, fun & effective workout

Huyen Win

Equity in Wellness / Certified Trainer, CSCS

ZaVious Robbins

The Fitness Marketing Guy Data/Analytics

Ashlee Nicole

CO-CEO @ EbonyFitFreaks

Tamara Mon Louis

We help you grow online with practical & proven solutions

Coco-Chanel Jonez

Social Media & Branding Expert

CJ The Creator

Creator , Digital Creative Marketing Coach for Fitpreneurs & Wellness Brands. CEO of Revup Fitness LLC

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RevUp Fitness


Fitness Online University

Where Personal Trainers Go To Learn How To Create An Elite Online Experience For Their Clients

Tika Faya

Topical Fat Burner and Body Washes !

EZ Reach Apparel LLC

EZ Reach Apparel - The most versatile wearable technology clothing line in the world.

Ebony Fit Weekend

A Weekend Of FITNESS. NETWORK. PARTY #1 Urban Fitness Event in the World


Kinetix Wear has everything you need to stay active and look amazing while you do it.

Revup Fitness Podcast

Go behind the scenes of the health and wellness industry with us..

Turmeric Magic

Turmeric Magic - “Tastes as good as it looks" #tastyturmeric

SCV Productions

We Create Events that Make Sense.