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Rethink Festival 2020

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Beat Kunz

Transformation Guide

Luea Ritter

Transition Process Steward

Michael Mauch

Holacracy Practitioner, CEO Spokesman

Brian Robertson

Inventor of Holacracy

Cécile Devroye

Eco-Entrepreneur & Co-Creator

Yannick Blättler

Gen-Z Expert

Barbara Schnyder

Agile & Design Thinking Agile Expert

Nora Wilhelm

Change Maker

Jay Tompt

Reconomyst & Lecturer

Nikola Buric

Rethink Festival Helping Hand, Network Weaver

Katalin Hausel

Rethink Festival Helping Hand, Facilitator

Brian Robertson

Inventor of Holacracy

Martin Permantier

Author & Entrepreneur

Lena Marbacher

Building Purpose Driven Organisations

Lukas Fischer

Festival Founder & Steward

Mona Dawood

Purpose Coach

Reto Kessler

Leadership Coach

Ralf Metz

Transformation Companion (agil-learning organizations)

Luzia Anliker

Coach & Lecturer

Mariann Krausz

Rethink Festival Helping Hand

James Priest

Co-Creator of Sociocracy 3.0

Rob Hopkins

Author, Founder of Transition Movement

Patrick Scheuerer

Holacracy Coach

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