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Research Expo 2021

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Marcus Hock

A Multiscale Systems Approach to Predicting Ventricular Function from Molecular to Organ Scale Models

Sachin Govil

Cardiac Atlas Project

Gloria Faraone, Roberto Piccinin and John Silva

Behavior of post-installed anchorage in concrete shear walls subjected to simulated earthquake loads

Xiaolong He

Deep Autoencoders for Physics-Constrained Data-Driven Nonlinear Materials Modeling

Abigail Teitgen

Multiscale Modeling to Assess the Effects of 2-deoxy-ATP on Contractile Function in the Heart

Radhavi Samarakoon

Simulation of Prefabricated Thermal Drains in Soft Clay

Jonghyuk Baek

Duality-based Coupling of Phase Field and Cosserat Crystal Plasticity Theories for Modeling Grain Refinement

Nishta Krishnan

Engineered Cell-Membrane-Coated Nanoparticles Promote Anticancer Immunity

Leon Li

JANUS: Solving IC Supply Chain Threats Through Integrated Sequential Logic Obfuscation

David Wirth & Justin Hochberg

A Highly Expandable Foam for Lithographic 3D Printing

Mary Anne Smart & Dhruv Sood

Understanding Risks of Privacy Theater in Differential Privacy

Kyle Marra

Bioactive extracellular vesicles from a subset of endothelial progenitor cells rescue retinal ischemia and neurodegeneration

Shokrullah Sorosh

Numerical Simulation of the Seismic Behavior of Steel Stairs Implemented with a Drift-Compatible Connection

Sandhya Sihra

A Heart-to-Heart Worth Having

Mohammad Sina Nabizadeh

Kelvin Transformations for Simulations on Infinite Domains

Yiqian Wang

Learning to correct axial motion in OCT for 3D retinal imaging

Cihan Berk Gungor

Facilitating Stochastic Resonance as a Pre-emphasis Method for Neural Spike Detection

Ross Greer

Trajectory Prediction in Autonomous Driving with a Lane Heading Auxiliary Loss

Sean Liu, David Lu, Kenny Situ, Hala Abualsaud, Akshay Rangesh

LaneAF: Robust Multi-lane Detection with Affinity Fields

Abdullah Albattal

Detecting, Localizing and Tracking The Vagus Nerve in Ultrasound Scans of The Neck Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Kien Nguyen and Bang Du

In Defense of Scene Graphs for Image Captioning

Chen Du

Computer-vision-based human Balance evaluation

Jessica de Souza

Blood Pressure Estimation Over Finger-Pressing Oscillometry

Tian Qiu and Ish Kumar Jain

Adaptive 360 video streaming over a wireless link

Ben Keeton

Vortex Breakdown in Variable-Density Swirling Jets

Jui-Te Lin

A Generalized Framework for Efficient Concentric Tube Robot Design Using Gradient-Based Optimization

Gaia Righi

Iron Response in Extreme Compression and Tension Regimes: Complementary NIF and Janus Experiments

Rebecca Masline

Simulations of divertor plasmas with inverse sheaths

Samuel Cordaro

Coaxial Vacuum Gap Breakdown For Pulsed Power Liners

Alexey Knyazev

On stochastic electron dynamics in laser-plasma interaction

Jessica Medrado

Fundamentals of water-evaporation processes for renewable energy application

Boya Li

Materials Science and Engineering_Shock Compression of Covalently Bonded Planetary Materials

Huiying Chen

Combustion Synthesis of Novel Red-emitting Phosphor

Ved Vakharia

High Entropy Metal Carbides via Solvothermal Synthesis

Rachel Astete Vasquez

Bench-scale Investigation of Biophysicochemical Processes Occurring Within a Novel Waterless Flushing Onsite Sanitation System

Jenna Metera

Particle formation mechanism of bismuth ferrite particles: Materials by design for antiferromagnetic and ferroelectric applications

Fabian Martinez

Solubility Study of Luminescent Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Prospective Bone Healing Applications

Francisco Suarez

Enhancing catalytic properties of laccase by its immobilization on copper (II) oxide nanoparticles

Maricruz Carrillo


Adrielly Hokama Razzini

Structural Health Monitoring of an Airplane’s Wings Using Gaussian Process Regressors

Paulina Diaz-Montiel

The Effects of Plasticity Mechanisms on Micromechanics of Composites with Fiber Waviness Defects under Compression Loading

David Paz and Hengyuan Zhang

Towards Autonomous Vehicle Navigation without HD Maps

Jacob Schimelman

Bottom-up Design of 3D-Printed Multi-Channel Nerve Conduit for Axonal Guidance & Vascular Integration

Yi Li

Drug-delivering-drug approach-based codelivery strategy for treating multidrug-resistant cancer

Yufei Wang & Amanda Chen

Steric directed selective binding of Isocyanides on Nanoparticle surface

Maritza Sanchez

Synthesis of Perovskite Materials with Cubic Morphology for Ordered Arrangements