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Derek Irvine

Senior Vice President - Workhuman

Jose Ramón Padrón García

Country Manager at SiteGround

Adriel Terbeche

Travel Industry Professional

Eduardo Sánchez Iglesias

Founding Partners at San Telmo Economists

Guillermo Quintana

Project Coordinartor at Best in Gran Canaria

Mario Zamorano

Co-Founder at Coliving Hotels

Liam Martin

Cofounder at Time Doctor & Running Remote

Juan Ramón Rodriguez


Fernando Ojeda

IT Dev Director at Inetel

Tracy Keogh

Co-Founder at Grow Remote

Santiago García

Founder Future for Work Institute

Elina Zois

Co-Founder at Boundless

Danny Page

VP Operations UpCounsel

Pablo Hernández

Presidente Canarias ZEC

Jason Fried

Co-Founder & CEO at Basecamp

Elias Ramos

CEO at Draco

Bjorn Mildner

Hotel Manager at Mynd Hotels

Iago Encinas

Consejero en Dmanan Corporacion

José Fortes

CEO at Laureon

Marina Fuentes

CEO & Founder

Anne Kuppens

Founder of Nine Coliving

Maria Mayordomo

Founder Cactus Coliving

Rami Malas

Founder Taoro Coliving

Orsi Vitos

International Project Coordinator at FU

Pilar Moreno

Inward Investment Head at Proexca

Eva Lopez

Project Manager Tenerife Work&Play

Raquel Bezares

Risk Analysis at Sodecan

Javier Garabal

Senior Fund Manager at Archipelago Next

Isidro Quintana

CEO & Founder at Triple-O Games

Luca Mossini

Co-Founder at Mojomix DAO

Davide Cortellino

Data Analyst at SAS

Carlos Ble

Founder at Lean Mind

Jose Manuel Rodriguez

CEO at Wooptix

Eva Vega

Consultant at Inetel

Ernesto Díaz-LLanos

Founder Santa Rosalia 49

Carlos Kuchkovsky

Co-Founder Remotefulness

Claire Rivero

Co-Founder Your Team Retreat

Elsa Rodriguez

Co-Founder Pueblos Remotos

Agustín Benito

Program Manager at Eclipse Foundation

Andrés San Fiel

Transformative Tech Leader

Alfredo Capote

Director CIT Insular Tedote

Mercedes Hernández

Presidenta FAEP

Nuria Albet

Co-Founder La Palma Renovable

Aurelio José Domingo Roza

Telefonica Smart Island

Adán Rodriguez

Founder Wave Técnica Canaria

Juan Barbed

Rooral Co-Founder

Fabio Jonitz

Co-Founder La Palma Works

Sonia Amroun

Founder Coliving Awid Aman

Carolina Rocha

Founder La Canela Coworking

Marten Van Dijken

Cofounder Look Like Brothers

Jorge Liria

CEO Caninfo

Julieta Martin

Co-CEO Caninfo Comunicacion

Juan Antonio Bermejo

Jefe de Servicio de Innovación

Ana Castañeda

Cabildo Insular de La Palma

Juan Carlos Pérez

Head of Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias

José Victor Fuentes

Founder Chukumi

Roel Martens

TUI Workation - Project Lead

Michele Vittorio Cimmino

CEO Lasting Dynamics

Ciara Browne

Institutional relations at Educo

David Blay

Co-Founder Escuela de Trabajo Remoto

Francisco Raúl Camacho

La Palma Minister of Tourism

Raquel Diaz

Consejera del Área de Promoción Económica, Empleo, Comercio, Turismo y Deportes

Alvaro Lamas

Customer Solutions Engineer at Google

Jose Joaquin Hernández Brito

CEO at Plocan

Christian Buss

Founder Adatto Consulting

John Lee

Co-founder Work from Anywhere Team

Dácil Dominguez

CEO at Proexca

Aranzazu Pérez

CEO at Magma Innovation

Nacho Rodríguez

Founder at

Óscar Herrera

CIO in Grupo HD

Simone Beretta

HR Manager at Philip Morris Int

Joao Mendes

Co-Founder Future of Work

Miguel Quintanilla

CEO Archipelago Next

Alvaro Lamas Fuente

Customer Solutions Engineer, Google

Raúl Anton

Data Analytics at Automattic

Katerina Bohle Carbonell

Co-founder & Behavioral Scientist at Human-Matter

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