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Steve Becker

Chief Science Officer

Dennis Warnecke

Director of Sales & Technical Support

Sarah Day Levesque

Managing Director at RFSI

Keith Berns

Co-Owner & Sales Manager of Green Cover

Dan Kittredge

Farmer and Founder of BioNutrient Food Association

Ted Bruns

Product Application Technician

John Kempf

Founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture

Nathan Harman

Regenerative Agriculture Consultant

Nicole Masters

Agroecologist, Author and Educator

Steven Berlink


David Miller

Director of Education

Steve Cockroft


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Regen Rev 2022

Join the revolution as thought leaders, growers, and organizations from across the regenerative movement share their experience with tangible, approachable steps that growers of any scale can take to be a part of the way forward.

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Advancing Eco Agriculture

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Tainio Biologicals, Inc.

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Kind Harvest

Connect with farmers, agronomists, scientists, educators and others in regenerative agriculture