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Mike Shiflett

Director of Training, CFI Bootcamp

Sean D. Tucker

Aerobatic Pilot and Chairman & Co-Founder, Bob Hoover Academy

Joe Brown

Chairman, Hartzell Propeller and COO, Tailwind Technologies Inc.

Clinton Summers

Co-owner and Executive Director, Black Box Flight Training

Mark Baker

President & CEO, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Pete Bunce

President & CEO, General Aviation Manufacturers Association

James Viola

President & CEO, Helicopter Association International

Tom Haines

Former Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President of Media, Communications, and Outreach; AOPA

Roger Sharp

Designated Pilot Examiner

Chris Erlanson

President & Owner, Tennessee Flight Training

Josh Harnagel

Vice President of Marketing, Redbird Flight

Ethan Willinger

Marketing Director, Redbird Flight

Bret Koebbe

Senior Vice President, Sporty's

Jack Pelton

CEO & Chairman of the Board, Experimental Aircraft Association

Robert Meder

Chairman Emeritus, National Association of Flight Instructors

George Charles Allen

Development Committee Chair, National Association of Flight Instructors

Victor Vogel

Board Member, National Association of Flight Instructors

Bob Hepp

Founder/Owner/Chief Flight Instructor, Aviation Adventures

David St. George

Executive Director, Society of Aviation and Flight Educators

Jolie Lucas

Psychotherapist & Commercial Pilot

Billy Winburn

Founder, Community Aviation

Everette Rochon

Manager, Training and Certification Group, Federal Aviation Administration

Jerry Gregoire

Founder and Co-Chairman, Redbird Flight

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