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The DEC @ Redbird Anniversary Celebration

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· Stage
Welcome from the Redbird Team
Hear about the vision for The DEC @ Redbird from team members Demetra Brown, Jamila Sherman, and Jasmine Hillman.
· Networking
Mix and Mingle
Guest will have an opportunity to meet members of The DEC Network Team, loyal members, partners and new faces that help to drive our mission.
· Stage
A Resource to the Community Panel Discussion
Hear from the community on how The DEC @ RedBird has been a resource over the years.
· Stage
Resilient Leadership in a Time of Turbulence
Keynote Speaker, Terrence Maiden, will speak on how to effectively lead and remain purposeful during hard pivots.
· Networking
Happy Hour
Guest will have an opportunity to socialize and strategize with other attendees.


Terrence Maiden

CEO & Entrepreneur

The event is over

Hosted by

The DEC Network

The DEC Network is a 501c3 driving innovation and economic impact by helping entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses.

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