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Recovery Strategy for Europe - Which role plays the social economy in building a resilient and sustainable economy?

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· Stage
Welcome – Live from Mannheim
Manuel Kreitmeir Björn Pospiech
· Stage
Welcome by the European Commission
Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
· Stage
Welcome by the City of Mannheim
Peter Kurz, Lord Mayor
· Stage
Q&A on “Recovery Strategy for Europe”
Pablo Santaeufemia, CEO & Co-founder – Bridge for Billions
Pablo Santaeufemia
· Stage
Special: Award Ceremony European Social Innovation Competition
· Sessions
Parallel Sessions & Insights
· Sessions
Lunch break & Parallel Programme
· Expo
Meeting the Finalists
Meet the finalists of the European Social Innovation Competition 2020
· Stage
Björn Pospiech
· Stage
Looking back at the Social Economy Scientific Conference #SES2020
Ulla Engelmann, Head of Unit – DG GROW, European Commission
· Stage
Keynote “Envisioning the future of social economy as a catalyst for transformational change in industry and society”
Mario Calderini, Professor of Social Innovation and Director – Tiresa at Politecnico di Milano
Mario Calderini
· Stage
Presenting the workshop sessions
· Sessions
Parallel Interactive Workshops
· Stage
Special: European Network of Social Integration Enterprises Award
· Stage
Conclusion & The End
· Stage
Welcome – Live from Mannheim
Björn Pospiech Manuel Kreitmeir
· Stage
Welcome by the European Commission
Kerstin Jorna, Director-General – DG GROW
Kerstin Jorna
· Stage
Panel: “Next Generation EU: Mobilising social economy’s potential to build back better”
Valerio Pellirossi Jerome SADDIER Patrizia Toia Juan Antonio Pedreño Frutos Sven Giegold
· Networking
Networking: Make Contacts
· Stage
Energizer & Presenting the Main Conference #EUSES May 2021
Björn Pospiech Manuel Kreitmeir
· Stage
Panel: “„The Social Economy together against Corona Virus“”
Joss Steinke Katrin Elsemann Luise Springer Christian Müller
· Stage
Panel: “Social Economy and Social Innovation for Europe’s recovery””
Markus Sauerhammer Dieter Janecek Dr. Juliane Kronen Verena Hubertz
· Stage
Conclusion and Q&A
Ulla Engelmann, Head of Unit – DG GROW, European Commission
Manuel Kreitmeir Ulla Engelmann


Markus Sauerhammer

Chairman of the Board at the German Social Entrepreneurship Network (SEND)

Joss Steinke

Director of Youth and Social Welfare Division – German Red Cross

Katrin Elsemann

Executive Director – Social Enterprise Network Deutschland

Ulla Engelmann

Head of Unit Advanced Technologies, Clusters and Social Economy, DG GROW – European Commission

Christian Müller

Luise Springer

Social Innovation & Digitization – German Red Cross


Vice-President - Social Economy Europe & President - ESS-France

Valerio Pellirossi

Forum Terzo Settore

Sven Giegold

MEP (Greens/EFA, DE), Co-Chair of the European Parliament’s Social Economy Intergroup

Sameera Mehra

Head of Global Alliance and International Networks - Charities Aid Foundation

barbara SAK (CIRIEC)

Managing Director - CIRIEC Aisbl

Damien Thiery

Director General - Ateliere Fără Frontiere

Olive McCarthy

Director - Centre for Co-operative Studies

Carlos Lozano

Coordinator of International Affairs - CEPES

Neven Marinovic

President – Euclid Network & Executive Director – Smart Kolektiv

Verena Hubertz

Founder - Kitchen Stories

Dr. Juliane Kronen

Founder – innatura Board Member & Alternative Nobel Prize

Dieter Janecek

Member of the German Parliament for the Green Party

Alessandro Rancati

Policy Analyst - DG Joint Research Centre – European Commission

Chris Gordon

CEO - Irish Social Enterprise Network

Veerle Klijn

Programme and Policy Manager - Euclid Network

Sasha Taylor

CEO - The Bike Station

Anastasia Costantini

Senior Expert, SDGs and Green Transition - Diesis Network

Elaine Hanlon

Social Affairs Policy Office - RREUSE

Gianluca Pastorelli

Executive President - Diesis Network

Pablo Santaeufemia

CEO & Co-founder - Bridge for Billions

Louise Dessart

Legal Officer in Sustainable Development - Walloon Region

Nicolas Lebeau

Vice President of Digital Equipment Sales – Les Ateliers du Bocage

Mario Calderini

Professor of Social Innovation and Director – Tiresa at Politecnico di Milano, School of Management

Manuel Kreitmeir

Host and Chairman – Social Entrepreneurship BW

Juan Antonio Pedreño Frutos

President - Social Economy Europe

Patrizia Toia

MEP (S&D, IT) - Co-Chair of the European Parliament’s - Social Economy Intergroup

Kerstin Jorna

Director-General - DG GROW – European Commission

Víctor Meseguer

Director - Social Economy Europe

Camille Lépinay

EEN partner - Enterprise Europe Brussels

Crispin Waymouth

Deputy Head of Unit for SME Internationalisation - DG GROW – European Commission

Rafael Chaves-Avila

President - Scientific Commission – CIRIEC – España

Stefan Philipp

Project Manager & Research Associate - Centre for Social Innovation

Roberta Dall'Olio

Manager of EU Policies - International Territorial Cooperation Social Innovation Unit / ART-ER

Ernst von Kimakowitz

Director and Co-founder - Humanistic Management Center

Björn Pospiech

Mindfulness Coach – Strong People Institute

John P. Murphy

Chief Executive - Speedpak Group

Feliciano Iudicone

Research Officer - Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Karel Vanderpoorten

Policy Officer Social Economy - DG GROW – European Commission

Alberto Valenzano

Policy Assistant - DG GROW – European Commission

Anders Bro

Development Manager - Region Örebro County

Paula Santarén

International Project Manager - Social Economy / ACCIÓ

Olga Theodorikakou

Secretary-General - Klimax Plus

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European Social Economy Summit

The #EUSES is a conference which aims at strengthening the social economy in Europe.

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