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Quo Vadis: Connected Vehicles

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Greg Giora Snipper

Connectivity, Connected Cars and Mobile Operators network, Continual will make it happen.

Marc Girardot

Enabling seamless in-car interactivity for fleets of vehicle by Ovo Automotive

Gwenael DE CALAN

Access to multi-brand in-vehicle data through a neutral server

Mario Filchev

Reshaping the service and repair industry

Thomas Allgeyer

CEO & Founder Frenus GmbH, Market and Data Advisory in the mobility space

Marcel Blume

Creating value from Connected Vehicle Data

Ben Volkow

Connected Car Data: Driving Mobility

Wulf Schlachter

Quo Vadis – EV Charging platforms

Ahsan Shamim

Future of in-vehicle payments

Hamidreza Hosseini

Update is coming soon!

Manuel Scheibel

Enabling data-driven mobility services based on an open platform

Jim Mason

Decentralized Identity Documents standards

Kenny Hawk

Connecting the next 10 million unconnected vehicles: Key takeaways from Mojio's growth

Chris Langdon

IDSA Mobility Data Space

Asaf Weisbrot

Chief Commercial Officer

Liron Cohen-Yanay

Digitizing Driving Safety, a critical piece of the connected car puzzle

Holger Hättich

Success Factors for Connectivity

Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Panel Leader - Business opportunities, driven by Connected Vehicles

Joachim Klink

Connected Cars on the way towards real-time use-cases

Caimin Flannery

VP of Business Development

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Frenus GmbH

Frenus specializes in strategic market intelligence projects in the field of digitalization.

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Frenus GmbH

Market & Data Advisory Services

CAS SMART Mobility Management - Executive School HSG

Executive Program (CAS) SMART Mobility Management driven by SMART Data and SMART Cities


Your Solution. One Platform. Multi-brand in-vehicle data.


Continual – Driving the Connected Experience


Use the power of ecosystems and digital economy


GreenRoad – Global Leader in Driver Safety & Performance Solutions


The Car data Company

Lordstownmotors Corp.

Lordstown Endurance - The World´s First All Electric Commercial Pickup


Mojio designs, develops and delivers connected mobility solutions transforming data into services for our partners and their customers


Off-the-shelf connected car services by OBI+


Automotive Data in Action

Ovo Automotive

OVO Automotive technology seamlessly streams any App to any fleet of connected cars, unlocking all barriers, today!

T-Systems International

Let’s power higher performance

V2X Network

Autonomous Vehicle Transactions Platform

ZF Aftermarket

ZF Aftermarket