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In Pursuit of Happiness

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Jean Twenge

Professor of psychology, San Diego State University, and author, iGen

Kate Julian

Senior editor, The Atlantic

James Hamblin

Staff writer, The Atlantic

Lori Gottlieb

Contributing writer, The Atlantic, and author, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Arthur Brooks

Contributing writer, The Atlantic

Candace Montgomery

General Manager, AtlanticLIVE and Senior Vice President, The Atlantic

Molly Reese Ward

Founder, Well Lived Wealth / Equitable Advisors

Jeanette Betancourt

Senior Vice President, U.S. Social Impact, Sesame Workshop

Deepak Chopra

Founder, The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global

Ellen Cushing

Special projects editor, The Atlantic

Dustin Isom

Instructor, barre3

Dan Harris

Co-anchor, weekend edition, Good Morning America, and author, Ten Percent Happier

Jeffrey Goldberg

Editor in chief, The Atlantic

Jordan Fisher and the Global Company of Dear Evan Hansen

Gretchen Rubin

Author and podcast host, Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Connie Weaver

Chief Marketing Officer, Equitable

Gerald C. Grant, Jr.

President, G Financial Group / Equitable Advisors

Jazmin Williams

Financial Professional, Equitable Advisors

Evelyn Lewis Prieto

Director of Meditation, Mindfulness Teacher, Headspace

Sadie Lincoln

Co-founder and CEO, barre3

Karina Carlson

Founder, Well Read

Amit Paley

CEO and Executive Director, The Trevor Project

Alison Stewart

Contributor, AtlanticLIVE, and WNYC Host, "All of It"

Susan Saulny

Contributor, AtlanticLIVE

Rebecca J. Rosen

Senior editor, The Atlantic

Brian Offutt

Board of Directors Chairman, Project Healthy Minds

Vivek H. Murthy

19th and 21st U.S. Surgeon General

Alexis Madrigal

Contributing writer, The Atlantic

Tracie Jenkins

Executive Director, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

T.D. Jakes

Global spiritual leader, author, humanitarian

Angela Duckworth

Founder and CEO, Character Lab

Laurie Santos

Professor of psychology, Yale University and podcast host, The Happiness Lab

Thomas Mingone

Founder & Managing Partner, Capital Management Group / Equitable Advisors

Emma Green

Staff writer, The Atlantic

Julianna Goldman

Founder, MamaDen

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