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Çiğdem Tongal

Lead of Impact Assessment & Storytelling, HMD

Victoria Chapman

Trend Analyst, TrendWatching

Joaquim Moody

Trend Analyst, TrendWatching

Dr. Penny Jennings

Vice President for Strategic Programs, Greyston Bakery

Phil Sherwin-Nicholls

Co-Founder, Po3

Maike Kauffmann

Project Manager Research & Think Tank, Purpose Stiftung GmbH

Thomas Kolster

Founder & Creative Director, Goodvertising Agency

Patrick Boadu

CEO and Steward Owner, soulbottles

Prof. Sudhanshu Palsule

Author, Leadership Advisor, Educator

Roland Slot

Founder, Breathe

Robbie Hodges

Trend Analyst, TrendWatching

Joey van den Brink

Business Development Lead for B Lab Europe

Christian Sarkar

Co-Author of "Brand Activism" with Philip Kotler; Co-Founder and Regenerative Marketing Institute

Kieran McBride

Co-Founder, Po3

Emilie Baage Stuhr

Lead Consultant, IS IT A BIRD

Anna Öhrling

Founder of Tuulee and Social Impact Strategist

Erinch Sahan

Business and Entreprise Lead, Dougnut Economics

Rana Kotan

Secretary-General, Third Sector Foundation Turkey (TÜSEV)

Mehmet Eronat

Human Resources and Management Consultancy Partner, Mazars Denge

Kerim Türe

Founder, Modanisa

Livia Fioretti

Head, TrendWatching Academy

Katharina Kugler

Founder, humanplus

Erdem Akan

Eczacıbaşı Building Product Design Director, Eczacıbaşı

Elif Atmaca

Co-Founder, TOYI

Prof. Colin Mayer

Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford; Academic Lead, Future of the Corporation British Academy

Chip Walker

Business and Cultural Strategist, Head of Strategy, StrawberryFrog

Prof. Carlos Teixeira

Charles L. Owen Professor of Design, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology

Canan Aytekin

Marketing & Sales Senior Vice President, DenizBank Agricultural Banking

Boğaç Şimşir

Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division Innovation Director, Eczacıbaşı

Dr. Ayşe Yemişcigil

Research Fellow, Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University

Alpaslan Tomuş

CEO, Mikro Yazılım

Afdhel Aziz

Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Conspiracy of Love

Derya Tombuloglu

Founder & Head of Strategy, HMD (Heart Mind Design)

Berat Efe Alkan

Senior Strategist, HMD (Heart Mind Design)

Izzy Ahrbeck

Managing Director, Business of Purpose



PurposeNOW 2021 is organized by Istanbul based consultancy firm HMD in collaboration with Business of Purpose and TrendWatching.

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