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Pumps and Pipes 20|20 Vision

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Welcome to Pumps and Pipes 20|20 Vision! Please gather at our Main stage for kick off at 8:30 sharp!
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Welcome & Introduction
Pumps and Pipes: A New 20|20 Vision for a New Decade.
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Norway Pumps & Pipes
Updates from our Norwegian partners.
· Stage
A New Carbon Economy
Dr. Roger Aines, Senior Energy Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
· Stage
Houston's Energy Transition
Representative from Greentown Labs, Halliburton Labs, & the City of Houston discuss Houston's Energy Transition.
· Stage
Get up, Stretch you Legs.
· Stage
Houston Methodist Institute for Robotics, Imaging, and Navigation (MIRIN)
Learn about the launch of a new Houston Methodist Robotics Initiative!
· Stage
Future of Robotic-Assisted Surgical Innovation
Dr. Jamie Wong, VP & Senior Medical Office of Intuitive Surgical, gives a talk on the future of Robotic Assisted Surgery.
· Stage
Da Vinci Robotics in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Procedures
Dr. Min Kim and Dr. Moritz Wyler von Ballmoos take us on a voyage into the world of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Robotics!
· Stage
MITIE Extended Reality (XR)
Learn about our exciting new developments in the World of Extended Reality.
· Stage
Get up, Stretch you Legs.
· Stage
Fusion Power, the Next Internet: Mining the Moon
Representatives from the Aerospace Corporation highlight developments on Mining the Moon!
· Stage
Covid-19: 101
Dr Madiha Ashraf gives us a briefing and update on Covid-19 in Houston.
· Stage
Students take on Covid-19
Hear how Students are tackling Covid-19 obstacles.
· Stage
STEAM Innovation, Initiatives, and Getting Involved
Hear how the Houston Independent School District (HISD) is tackling Covid-19!
· Stage
Virtual STEAM: Houston ISD Student Videos
HISD Students showcase video clips highlighting their Covid-19 thoughts, feelings, problems, and solutions.
· Stage
Go eat! Smell the air.
· Expo
Virtual Expo
Patch into our Expo Booths to learn more!
· Networking
Networking & Games in AltspaceVR
Meet new people in the Hopin network tab. Or patch into our Virtual Reality network session in AltspaceVR (VR headset required)


Jaime Wong, M.D.

Vice President & Senior Medical Officer (Intuitive Surgical)

Zanovia Gatson

STEM Instructional Specialist (HISD)

Roger Aines

Energy Program Chief Scientist (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Lara Cottingham

Chief Sustainability Officer (City of Houston)

Stuart Corr

Associate Director (Pumps & Pipes)

Thor Ole Gulsrud

Pumps & Pipes Norway

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Karl Storz

Bringing a New Level of Image Enhancement to Surgical Procedures

Boston Scientific

Advancing Science for Life

City of Houston - Climate Action Plan

Leaders in Global Energy Transition


Transforming Aortic Therapy to Improve Patient Lives

Greentown Labs

Climate Action at Work

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Advancing our Nation's Energy Safety & Security

The Aerospace Corporation

Providing Objective Analysis and Innovative Solutions

Energy Safety Research Institute

Building the bridge to a sustainable energy future

The Earthshot Prize

A Decade of Action to Repair the Earth.

Pumps & Pipes Norway

The Scandinavian Connection

Houston Methodist Center for Rapid Device Translation

Houston Methodist Center for Rapid Device Translation

Halliburton Labs

Advancing Cleaner, Affordable Energy